Guys.... did hotfix ruin moze?

I’m not trying to be a downer , but moze suddenly feels significantly worse after I assume the hot fix ?

I dying so much. Running out of grenades and even ammo. Sure it occasionally happened before but now its EXTREME.

MoD was always spotty but now it doesn’t work at all except with dedicated splash weapons like Ogre and even then its spotty now.

Another thing : is it just me or are annointed spawning a lot more now too ??

Just the game has been a chore to play all of a sudden. Had to switch to my zane just for his barrier. Tired of barely scraping by with my moze all of a sudden

Let me run some Proving Grounds on M4. These are usually my testing grounds.

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It feels normal to me. Moze still feels the same.

I got Trial of Cunning M4 in less than 5 mins

I got Fervor M4 almost 6 mins (I reached the boss at 25:12 mark).


Yep I did a couple Slaughter runs today, everything felt normal.

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@kabflash @evenflow80 @zwangzug what system are you each playing on?

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Are you using a bloodletter deathless build ?


Guess I should have made that clear from the start. My bad

Xbox. I am on Blast Master on my main Moze (the one I shared is on Blast Master).

My 3rd Moze is on Bloodletter Deathless build.

I play on PC.

Historically PS4 seems to have the worst Moze issues with Xbox being a little better off and PC least affected.

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it really does suck to be a moze player on ps4. moze is the reason the recommended specs for bl3 are as high as they are. the game runs considerably worse when playing moze due to the nature of the play-style, and the ps4’s weaker hardware exacerbates the issue a lot.


For me the only thing that has changed since the hotfix is that I am just getting fewer legendaries overall. I did two shafts yesterday, for a combined loot of less than 40 legendaries total, most of which non-anointed. IDK why, but my droprates just crashed to the ground.
Everything else seems fine tho.

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Yeah I definitely noticed a sneaky drop off in the quality of loot from Slaughter Shaft as well.

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it looks like op forgot to enable guardian rank lol

I am getting way less loot also on TD.
I’ve been farming all day wotan’s legs by killing myself and restarting the TD from after the valkyries.
Most of the time I am getting 2/3 legenaries per run, and often none at all from either the brain or the legs. It’s so annoying.

That’s wierd its raining legendaries for me still. Killed a badass and he dropped 3!

Just confused why I’m struggling with ammo and grenades with moze all of a sudden.

Every hotfix on ps4 has a chance to break MoD for anyone. It makes the game borderline unplayable. It usually fixes itself at some point off and on.

All you can do is deal with it or not play the game. Sucks.

Wrecking SS and proving grounds as usual with the Bearonator Moze on PS4

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I have the same issue with moze MOD for a long time on PS4. It works on and off for a long time.

I’m on PS4 as well. I only have 2 regular mobbing options. BBB + Vampyr, or Transformer plus shock weapon.

I tried the Lob short fuse build, splash damage everywhere, and I just run out of grenades in a few minutes. It’s just not reliable to use MoD.

The lob doesn’t actually do splash unless it hits an object, so it’s not great at proccing MoD. Being on PS4 doesn’t help either.