Guys how do I Galilea?

I started the open beta yesterday, took a look at all the characters and liked the look of Galilea. I decided I wanted to play her (I’ve been a fan of sword and boards since WoW, maybe before) and I like the idea of tanky armored females for some reason. (I played a lot of Fiona in Vindictus, Leona in LoL ect.) So I unlocked her this morning and I have no idea what I’m doing with her. I know she got a nerf but I still want to try to play her. She’s supposed to be a tank but I’m having trouble keeping her alive (like I seriously have more success keeping Oscar Mike alive with cloak/shield speccing). What should I be doing in respect to my level up point distribution and what tactics/rules should I keep in mind while I’m playing? Any help would be appreciated.

I just started trying her today - she got a nerf? Really? She’s OP as fk lol.

Don’t just toss you shield whenever it’s up - you are going to need to use it to block with. Snatch up the helix early on that make Shield Toss return it to you when it hits an enemy (just don’t miss lol). I also seem to be able to occasionally regain my shield if I do miss by walking over it if it’s spinning on the floor.

The shield can only absorb so much damage before it breaks, and will only block attacks in front of her (duh lol), so watch it carefully - when it is absorbing damage, it will have a little force field effect visible at the top. You can also see how much “charge” it has by looking at the bar on your HUD (it’s on the opposite side of the screen from where the corruption bar is).

I’d also take the perk that causes Desecrate to heal while it’s up. Despite what its description says, it also heals Galilea as well as allies. Also keep in mind that the AOE field that Desecrate drops is static and does not move, unlike the AOE field caused by her corrupted state, which moves with her.

I usually take the helix “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone” (lawl), as it gives her a ranged attack (while her shields are full). This goes from one small orb to around 6 or so in a spread out line at the end of her attack combo.

The description page is not gear at explaining her very well - basically you ALWAYS want “corruption” up - it causes here to emit an AOE field around her, and has other buffs as well. You gain corruption by hitting enemies, but it drops pretty quickly if you don’t hit something (when it gets “maxed” it stays for a bit even if you aren’t attacking, though).

I only played her in PVE (I do not like PVP), so my helix choices are centered around a PVE environment. If you plan to use her in PVP, I’d imagine you should take the helixes that slow enemies, as she is quite slow on her own.

Also as in either PVP or PVE with any character, keep strafing around the enemy as you atack. Her greatsword does quite a large cleave effect to all things in front of her, so precise accuracy is not needed.