GUYS! How's everyone doing?

Hey guys!

Been away for a while!

Since last Summer!

Replayed Fallout New Vegas, then Far Cry 4-3-2, then Metal Gear Solid 5, then Uncharted 2 & 3, then Fallout New Vegas, Just Cause 3, Bloodborne, and now I’m onto Watch Dogs and waiting for Dark Souls 3 March 24th, after which I’ll be playing Far Cry Primal.

So yeah I’m a PS4 guy now.

How you guys doing?

Still a fair amount of people playing Borderlands 1/2/TPS?

When does Battleborn come out?

I want to play it!

Any new word on Borderlands 3?

But mainly, how are you guys doing?

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Who are you again? Oh right…



Not bad.

I think there are more BL 2 players, but people still play all three.


So do I!


Didn’t you already ask this? :dukejk:

I’m doing good, you never talked to me as I joined right after you left. But I still enjoyed reading the threads you created why I was still a lurker. :slightly_smiling:

Welcome back FFA.

Things are good.


[quote=“FlamesForAll, post:1, topic:1270700”]But mainly, how are you guys doing?[/quote]All things considered, pretty freakin’ good. I am testing a concept for a BL2 challenge that, if I think it’s worthy, will post in a couple weeks.

Punches and explosions only? ;p

@ACNAero will have a field day now FFA is back.

Welcome back, @FlamesForAll !

Here, let me contribute:


Whoo @FlamesForAll!

Welcome back!

Welcome back guy!
There’s a fanmade Jack forum now if you want to chat lore. Its not really my thing, but I thought you would be interested since you made so many threads about the lore.

Flames! I need to welcome you proper… How about with your favorite band?

Oh yes, and apparently accounting school hasn’t defeated your old habit of non-TPS stuff in the TPS section. ;p

Welcome back! :slight_smile: It’s gonna be a lot more activity here now XD


Is this where you got your name from? ;p

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It is indeed, buddy! Good detective work!

And guys I won’t be on here THAT often, mainly on the Dark Souls forums over on Fextralife until I’ve had my way with Dark Souls 3.

Doing well. Real life has intruded a bit on my gaming time in the past few weeks, plus I had a birthday and got myself Fallout 4 as a present. That promises to keep me away from Elpis and Pandora for a while. I was already juggling Batman AK and AC Syndicate as well, so, more balls up in the air.

Welcome back!