Guys I promise my premade team team isn't out to destroy noobs

I play on PSN, and since the new matchmaking drop I’ve been with a premade that usually run with a least 3 100’s in casual play. I just wanted to say to the lower levels of these forums that I’m not trying to overpower, humiliate, or just try to make you feel bad, it’s just in honesty I just want to play a lot of the times.

My ELO makes matchmaking tough, and when our premade is sitting there for 15-20 minutes waiting for a game we get agitated and just jump in casual play. It’s even worse when I’m by myself as I’ve actually took a nap for 45 minutes just to get woke up by my girlfriend saying your match about to start.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts saying that premades are only doing casual to get wins and dominate, and that isn’t true for our group and I’m pretty sure alot of other groups out there. Just like you guys, we just want to play.


My pre-made team are out for souls!! :smile:

Same reason as you. Spotlight and comp mode is taking really really long lately :frowning:

This is a TEAM based game. Pre mades should really be the norm. I never really run with pre mades though. I’m anti social lol, anyone complaining about pre mades is just bitter IMO.

I think a few of them have some valid gripes. There are 5 mans that just destroy teams and really don’t care if it makes them not want to play.
I’m with shogun though. We’ve been running 4 and 5 mans with some reasonabe but loose rules.

  1. if you’re another full group or a 2 and 3 pre-made we usually play who we know. (this sometimes applies to 5 solo CR 100’s and we recognize you.)
  2. if you’re a low level/all solo group most, if not all of us, pick someone we don’t normally play.
  3. if we’re playing with rule #2 and are still clearly dominating, we start to ignore certain players such as healers/support.
  4. We generally don’t taunt unless you do first. Then expect each one of us to do it. Like every time you’re KO’d.

So not all of us are out to be douchey.


I literally only taunt if I get first blood or kills with Miko. When I play solo I never play Miko, but with my group I sometimes play Miko for a laugh. Assault Miko. I run Symbiotic Gauntlet and Vyn’s Quiver on Miko, and a 0 cost shard generator with -14% heal power x’D When I kill you with this, I will always taunt even if it means my demise lol.

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Yes you are, Marquis. I know how violent you are!

Honestly, I think it is a vocal minority that is having issues with premade teams. I could definitely be wrong, but from my few times playing solo (my friends as well), I really haven’t had any issues.

I guess it all really depends on if you can have fun despite losing, however miserably.

@tha_shogun_12, et al.

I don’t PVP and I am not going to anytime soon.
But I watch a lot of Youtube and Twitch PVP matches.

In my professional life, I help companies make better products.
I do this by helping them empathize with their customers.
First rule is “don’t blame the customer”.
It’s about their experience not yours.

With that in mind:
No one is blaming you personally or your team.
You are not the only premades.
The people railing against permades are simply looking for a good label for people who are playing like @$$holes.
Remember folks it only takes one person to ruin casual Friday.

Now let’s empathize with the guys getting face-rolled for a minute.
The person on the other side might be a 14 year old girl just learning to play;
it might a 70-something year old retired gamer just trying to learn a “MOBA”.

If they experience the kinds of things I am seeing on Youtube and Twitch, they are going to leave and not return.
These are customers BB just lost.
Let’s face it, 2K doesn’t care at this point.
They have the customer’s money.
But the community should care and deeply.

When I see youtubes with titles like “Worst PVP Match Ever!!! No I Really Mean It, It was that Bad!!!”, I take a moment to think how the people on the other side will take that.

Don’t call people dumb. Make videos describing why there are better strategies.
As a community, if we want to try to help these folks get better and remain part of the BB family, we can do it in a more constructive manner.

Lets face it, its not much of a game if you are just beating the crap out of the other side, it’s not much of an accomplishment and you don’t really learn anything from it.

Might as well be playing PVE then.


You say GBX doesn’t care but they have made changes attempting to accomodate everyone they can.

Players were unable to find games on certain platforms, so they loosened the ELO ranges so players could find games quicker.

This caused experienced players to be matched with less experienced players, lessening both parties enjoyment, so they changed the queues into into Competitive and Casual, with all gametypes in both queues to consolidate the already low player base.

The Competitive queue is for players looking to play with similarly skilled players that don’t mind waiting for such a match, and the Casual queue is so players can find games as quickly as possible if they are indifferent to the skill level of other players in their game.

Now people are upset with the results that GBX said would occur. They stated the Competitive queue would have longer wait times, and that Causual has no ELO requirements for forming matches, but people complain as if they were unintended consequences.

They have to pick one or the other. Longer wait times, or the possibility of playing with players above or below their skill level.

All the old and new problems are stemming from the main issue that the game lacks a large, diverse player base.

There is nothing GBX can do to solve this short of making the game free to play in hopes more will give it a go, but even that will cause players to be upset that they had to pay full price for the game that became free months later.

No matter what they do, someone is going to be unhappy, but to say they aren’t listening and don’t care just because they can’t solve an issue they truly have no control over is ignorant.

They have made multiple attempts to improve things for the better, and plan to make more changes in an attempt to further improve the situation. That’s all they can do.



Nope 2K != GBX.
I said 2K. Different company. Different agenda.

GBX does care but…
I didn’t recommend either 2K or GBX do anything about this.
This is a community thing.
We are the ones who need to do something about it.
Anything GBX tried to do to fix this would have unintended consequences.

Please read carefully before slinging insults (like ignorant).

Please talk about the game not the players.

i think you are having more of a nat type issue somewhere in your team, rather than an elo issue if you’re sitting in queue that long on console. ive literally only lost like 3 or 4 games on one of my accounts–well over 90 pct win percentage–and i get games with my premade in less than 5 minutes. sucks that it is at least every other game against the best team in the united states, but we definitely arent sitting in queue

What does 2K have to do with that though? The issues you’re describing would relate more to the developers, not publishers, as it’s the developers grouping experienced and inexperienced players together. But honestly, neither are responsible for player to player interactions.

Whenever I’m full party we usually queue for competitive first as well, then go to casual if matchmaking takes too long.

It seems like plenty of parties do the same thing anyway given how many teams we run into in casual queue.

Other people may have missed that reference, but I didn’t. Well played.


There are various complaints relating to this topic, and one is that we can no longer select the mode that we wish to play and are often thrown into modes that we don’t like or just don’t feel like playing. Because of this, a lot of people quit before the match starts due to not getting their desired map/mode and that ruins the experience for all in that lobby. I’m not siding with quitters that pisses me off, but it happens often and is frustrating as hell when I just wanna play a game.

Another gripe with the removal of mode-specific playlists is that some people just want a short capture match before work or dinner or bed. I used to play capture when waiting for a friend to finish a match, or their dinner, or whatever they were temporarily occupied with, now matchmaking times are longer and those quick matches are far and very few between.

I think most people just decided against pointing it out lol… :confused:

I get it, but the purpose was to consolidate the already small, fragmented player base.

Prior to the change a lot of people were upset that they were unable to find a match without absurdly long queue times.

Not saying that the frustration shared by yourself and many other isn’t legitimate, but there were only so many options to remedy long wait times, and consolidating queues seemed to be a very efficient method, despite it’s draw backs.

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