Guys PLEASE play more Ambra in PVP!

I needs to kill you for my Lore quest. kk thx.

(Not to mention the one time the enemy team had her, she totally beasted our team. She surely isnt bad.)

I’ll try, although that would be about 90% of my games as Ambra. And yeah, anyone who does play her you will usually find quite difficult to kill


Only after you wash your filthy hands and tuck your shirt the f*ck in!

When I play a healer, I play Ambra, but I’m no pushover. That’s not to say I don’t die, but I also don’t act like I’m an Oscar Mike either. :wink:


My dying rate with Ambra is pretty damn low, though. I don’t think I’ll be of use to you. lol

Tanky Ambra BEST Ambra.

Insurance Policy + LLC Rare Vest thingy = Good luck killing me, broski. :smiley:


Too much survivability, ritual needs to be worse in damage compared to radiant wind and if it gets reveal too outline only (unless radiant wind), her damage amp needs working on, her primary needs way less range and SLIGHT damage nerf,and finally scorching strikes needs damage buff and POSSIBLY radiant spear too (personally things I think need fixing)


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I could not help myself you ambra main scum (I don’t mean that) this now an ambra Balance thread

Okay then

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Be careful what you wish for…

I wish i had time to play Ambra, but…



You should probably have specified “bad” players pick Ambra.

You don’t want to play against a good one, and she probably isn’t dying either :stuck_out_tongue:


Huh guess I am good ambra…

And while we are at it a good bene too…

Aye. A bad Ambra who runs straight into the fray and doesn’t drop sunspots for her teammates is the one you want to focus on. You do not want the ones who throw down sunspots behind enemy lines, in the middle of your minion wave and you never see 'em until they come out to ritual said minion wave.

Whatever the case may be. Anyone on ps4? I need to kill Ambra 4 times in order to complete Galilea’s Lore challange. ><

NOONE plays her here!

Check out the unofficial Battleborn Discord server to find other players. That or ask in the PS4 co-op section. :stuck_out_tongue:

where can I find the discord server?

I drop one behind me AND THEN run straight into the fray

What’s your psn? Mine is very similar, epicender5844. Extra 4

I treat them like I do Kleese’s rifts: I drop one near me and my teammates and another in the middle of the enemy wave. My comment was in regards to an Ambra I played with awhile back who absolutely refused to drop sunspots for us and instead only used them offensively. That Ambra also died quite a bit.


There is a very good reason for her to be able to have two out at a time. I always try to have at least one stashed behind me somewhere for team heals or to ambush a would be persuer. They are more fragile and require more attention than kleese’s rifts. If you manage heat and scorching strikes properly they are easily replaced though.

With kleese I like to hide one on either side of the lane just close enough that when I drop a third in the middle of the lane it completes the network. Wait for the wave or a player to run through and then drop one in the middle.

Just t clarify. I’m agreeing with you. I just thought I would elaborate and share my own tactics.