Guys this cannot be normal

Hard to say.
I’ve taken a level 30ish character there and it wasn’t too hard except for one time when one of the supporting beam characters wouldn’t die so it became impossible to complete and having to exit.
My level mh11 character brings out the plague bearer to speed things up when the shield is down.

This is confirmed for me on PS4. Using Moze, Lv 72 plasma coils and kickchargers, still took like 5 mins. They added no challenge but definitely buffed his armor and health pool.

Yeah, I don’t know if it’s a ps4 thing (which is what I play on) but the level 72 guns seem so weak. I’m playing as Zane using the clone/drone (with seeing dead mod plus 5 points in commitment and 5 in Headmans’ Hand), an atlas company man with 50% damage bonus and a level 72 opq system with an anointment that gives 75% bonus damage to named, etc. enemies and the opq does absolutely nothing. It took me at least 10 full mags just to take out one of the turrets in joey’s lair and that gun between me and the clone did zero damage to joey. I had to switch to my level 65 monarch and lightspeed to damage him. I also used my level 72 opq and plasma coil in the trial of supremacy (or whichever one drops the atlas replay and monarch) and neither gun did a thing against it–and that’s a shielded enemy.

Even against generic enemies these guns seem incredibly weak compared to just a few days ago. a level 57 opq could still shred at level 65 but even my clone struggles against level 72 psychos with the opq (and he dies every two seconds). I never would have thought that I’d put the OPQ away but it’s become a useless piece of gear thus far. really bummed.


Yeah it’s definitely sus

I just smoked him. He’s tanky but I killed him in maybe 2 minutes??? I’m using Amara. Killed him with remnant orbs.

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my level 65 corrosive sand hawk and level 65 light show did 100 times the damage of a level 72 opq and no pew pew.

trial of instinct was a nightmare. two weeks ago i never dropped below 20 minutes and tonight I didn’t finish until about 6 minutes left. gear just isn’t doing squat. at least he dropped an incendiary tizzy and radiation backburner.

on the bright side katagawa jr still takes 1.4 seconds. so maybe after 832 runs I’ll get a sandhawk to drop.

It took my level 72 zane with god roll level 65 weapons over a hour to down this bastard the first time i fought him i had that glitch where his shield never goes down.I just dont know what to make of this because everything else is dying super quick is it my weapons or a bug this guy cant be this tough my godroll tizzy does not even hurt him wtf.


Crazy he took longer than Hemavorous (lv 65) for me

clone with plasmacoil was even just chipping away at him :sweat_smile:

and i was using lucians call wich is pretty ammo efficient if you can hit critspots :wink:

I have a bigger problem now i just tried a trials and i am not doing enough damage was zane nerfed i have not played in a long time i am using the old seeing dead build with purple and blue tree something is wrong here i just got a god roll no pew pew and it just tickles the annointed wtf happened to this game this is not fun.

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can you tell us your build, items and anointments :wink:

i’m still pretty much steamrolling everything :rofl: my clone doesn’t even let me shoot the valkyrie squad :sweat_smile:

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See in dead ice breaker victory rush using beserker shied but i switch between transformer frozen heart frozen snowshoe the build was the best zane build at the time it came fronm moxsy on youtube something has changed i am only getting two stacks of commitment if they nerfed him this hard they should just remove zane from the game i mean 2 stacks really why not 8 or 10 2 is just to low.

They “Nerfed” Commitment a while ago. I think it’s definitely something they had to do, getting unlimited stacks is just wrong for balance, though now it’s sort of useless for sure, yeah…
You should post skill tree too because it’s very important.
Seein’ Dead is not the best class mod anymore, you could get good damage out of an Executor for example if you can crit, Spy is also good if you’ve got the Arms Race DLC with the 4th skill tree.
Though Seein’ Dead is decent for when going in FFYL.
Ice Breaker/Victory Rush is not gonna be very useful in the fight, though I did fine with Ice Breaker Moxxi’s Endowment. You could get a Snow Drift if you are comfortable with sliding and shooting.
Try to get any of the damage boosting shields, like Re-Volter/Infernal Wish or go uRad.
But in the end, like I said already, do some element matching, Corrosive on Armor, Incendiary on Health bar, it should do the trick. Worked fine for me with Executor and level 65 Queen’s Call and level 72 NoPewPew I think I used, or Bekah with Incendiary N2M…

The skill tree is pretty simple all the way down purple tree all the way down blue tree a few into green for brain freeze then the other points i got from 65 to 72 i put them into red tree for donnybrook and synchrocity and the increased mag size.The build looks good on paper but something is way off i guess its just the nerf i may have to find a new build i have all dlc i have all god rolled items at level 65 i played this game since release zane used to be so good have not played the newest dlc tho or the raid boss there is these diamond card things i did not even know about i have been playing outriders for a long time just now coming back anyway thanks for the help.

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I mean, saying all the way down on whatever tree doesn’t say anything…
Zane was always a Trickster Soldier kind of character and his Ace is Movement to Weapon Damage (Violent Momentum…) So worth thinking about it this way.

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All the skills i have in the trees were for moving and shooting only the important ones everybody at the time only used those skills the rest did nothing it was the only way to play zane at the time unless someone was using clone build i never played the clone build here is the build but i use brain freeze on the green tree instead of what he uses NEW BEST ZANE BUILD WRECKS ALL CONTENT! | +Gamesave! | Flash Freeze Zane | 4th Skill Tree - YouTube took down his build it was almost the same tho.

It seems that something has changed, Im struggling like hell against Joey and the trials bosses even with lv72 guns. I used to farm true trial bosses before this patch quite fast but not anymore… I honestly hate this kind of enemy hp spikes this game is getting full of now, it started with the Seer boss, everything else in that quest chain just melts but then the last boss is a massive bullet sponge. This same now applies to cartels, all the other bosses except Joey die super fast in comparison

ok… just had him just facetanking everything i threw at him :sweat_smile:

though his health was slowly moving towards death… from time to time he would just fill up the damage again…

i getting the feeling they defenitly screwed something up (yet again)

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Any sign of healing beams from minions? Was it after he did that slam thing with his shield (lifesteal mechanic on the shockwave)?

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nope, just stand there and gain back health :sweat_smile:

realy took a while to kill him (while even wotan dies quicker haha)