Guys this cannot be normal

He heals himself and sometimes seems to randomly resist elements. I’ve been using a Mindsweeper Moze against him with Flippers. Sometimes I can kill him really fast other times takes a lot of effort. Maybe he starts to resist at certain armor and health levels but lucky Mindsweeper chains blast right through fast enough before he starts resisting.

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laughing…oh! what a surprise.

I accidentally loaded up without hot fixes applied, only wanted one quick run and Joey’s health was normal. Large chunks of damage and dead in like 30 secs. So with hot fixes still off I did one more run, same his health was normal. In now thinking something in the hot fix might be causing an his massive inflated health pool.


I’m playing Moze and met Joey at level 67 with level 65 gear. It took me about 30 minutes, including 1 death on my part, to take him down. Not having any decent corrosive weapons I just used the Crit on his armor bar- getting head crits did seem to help though. Main weapon is a Light Show, with the odd use of a corrosive Sand Hawk. IB did a lot of damage and made the killing blow on him.

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You might have better results with something like a Flipper and splash on your class mod and an artifact with AOE. I could finish him in less than 3 minutes with a 65 Flipper on level 72 on Mayhem 10 with Pain Tolerance on using a Mindsweeper. After doing that for a few runs I took the time to roll better modifiers.

Corrosive does not work on him i have a godroll corrosive dark army ++ and it does nothing this guy is bugged by the hotfix for sure no enemy should be able to take this much damage my plasma coil does nothing to him either.

It took my Gamma Fl4K FOREVER until I switched to Infinity pistol and let the pet do all the work. It seems GB made Joey’s shield/health dependent on the adds (plus he gets used to whatever flavor you are shooting at him.) When it was Moze’s turn, it went a lot faster thanks to an improved IB.

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Make good use of debuffs.
It’s true that he has a lot of hp, and debuffs increase damage more than buffs.
so it’s definitely helpful.
execute, zheitsev’s eruptio, it’s piss

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It feels like slag


From my understanding Joey shows what is wrong with Bl 3 damage system: normal damage ( ie from weapon or melee) does not do much but extra mechanics ( guardian ranks stuff like overkill , ground breaker etc…) insta kill him :rofl:

I played Amara lately
Amara: normal melee does not do much, groundbreaker hit = instakill

Amara: normal gun fire ( even with 300 phaseslam anoint and all gun damage you can muster) does not do much.
remnant orb + overkill= instakill

Damage calculation in Bl is really dumb if you ask me


I just replayed the Joey fight. He is immune until you kill his two under bosses (they change.) Then you have to whittle away the armor layer and once that is gone, there are two purple psychos that seem to be able to siphon away your shield & health to Joey as they scream in your face. I’m on M11 as Moze and this feels incredibly broken.


Seems fine to me on zane with updated gear

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This really is a fight where you have to prioritize your targets to get anywhere, isn’t it? Lieutants and anointed are priority as that makes Joey more manageable; everything else is annoying second-wind and kill skill fodder.

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I encountered an unkillable joey,…I just quit and went back in and he was killable again.

Yeah I tried it a few times, most bosses take a few minutes for me and are fun, but this was like 20 minutes then dying over and over. Not fun at all so I’m gonna skip. I’ll be in the (much more fun) Grand Baller-Room if anyone needs me…

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Still slapping him on my Fl4k, even when I was undergeared it didnt take more than 2 minutes.

Joey tends to go immune to the element you’re shooting him with after some time, He’s a killavolt mixed with an annointed millitant. If you’re using Moze and Skag Den, urad builds, bad rng might make the fight longer.

But no, life has been slightly increased and it shouldn’t be too hard.

They weren’t anointed, just purple. They were easy to kill but able to one-hit Iron Bear. It’s the same build that can survive hits from Giant Kreig, but not these two adds.

Apparently they don’t hit as hard on mayhem level 2, then? Easily dispatched those with IB (chain gun with cryo augment and the skill that turns heat into fire damage; other hand is V-35 homing rockets.) I also jump over their lunges if I see them coming, so more like Iron Kangaroo Bear.


I’m on M11… I’ll try again later.

I’ve been playing a new character. With the cartel event turned on and the resultant extra foes spawning in along with frequent trips to Joey’s place, leveling up rate has increased. At level 51 in no time at all.
I visited the Diamond Key room to get a suitable pistol to commence the Western themed DLC, Bounty of Blood.
Couldn’t find one so picked up a MOARR Eezy Gargoyle COV pistol which has a chance to shoot the type of exploding corrosive blobs that Iron Cub can fire. It melted the room. Hardly had to move, so was untouched by the traps.
Not really suitable for the DLC commencement though.