Guys this cannot be normal

Took me a long while with allot of running away and jumping into Iron Bear, and even that barely scratched him. But eventually I took him out (after dying once or twice and having to start over). I wasn’t timing it, but it felt like a good half hour when he finally dropped. So probably at least a solid 15 minutes of non-stop fighting Joey himself if not more. Bottom line, his health dropped reeeeeeal slow.

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Something is definitely wonky with this guy. Took forever to get his health down with corrosive and cryo Kaosans. I jumped in IB and destroyed him with the mini guns, but still he wasn’t like this before.

10 minute run on him became a 5 minute after I got an OPQ lvl 72

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Ok @thepersonwithaface,
So thats in a godtier then? And rest of our guns that actually doing quiet good on like badasses and let say his mini-bosses? They’ve died from a few shots from my Moze’s Robot. This boss is silly and I don’t want it seriously.


I’d probably look at your build more, 72 skill points its almost impossible to go wrong

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Joey develops resistance to Cryo and radiation while the turrets in the corners are active. Shoot them first.


If it’s taking too long maybe concentrate on taking out some of the other supporting characters and items in the room. Instead of concentrating on Joey. I just did a run doing that and it didn’t take very long level 72 mayhem 12.
Perhaps some of the other foes sustain Joey.
In fact it was quicker and easier than doing one of my daily vault card challenges.
Kill GenIVIV
Using a lower level character that just got the ability to turn on Mayhem.
Equipped only with a couple of weapons and a shield found on the journey there.
Relying on a pets gun damage.
Seeing that the non Mayhem level weapons in the inventory struggled to kill a small ratch.

Definitely takes longer to kill Joey than Wotan, a raid boss. Unless that’s what we are designating him as, it feels bloated, just like everything that Gearbox decides to make ‘harder’.

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I don’t know about all that, wotan is still longer for me!

Maybe Joey got lumped into the Trial Boss pool of extra health


On mine, Wotan is very susceptible to shield damage from Amara’s ricochet skills and Moze’s Iron Bear railgun. On Joey it just takes longer. Also he regenerates part of his red health bar at least 3 times.

I wonder if Captain Haunt has been buffed as well…


I shoot down with Moze’s robot all the crap with one hit, so he is almost alone on the field many times. A few Human ads running around, but they die too from the rockets.

So killing everything and hitting him with rockets and lazer… then when the bot is on cooldown I shoot him with all the sh!t -Blue bar Shock weapon, yellow health bar Radiation and Corrosive, Health bar incendiary, corrosive, white dmg…

But I assume he was building resistency toward my damage, even though I kill the turret as soon as they appear. Even the big ones on top, they just die from a few lazer shots from Moze’s Robot.

But I didn’t try since then I don’t want to waste my time lol, so thats “in the past” for me already.

My Moze was able to beat him at lunchtime. In the first round, you have to defeat his companions first. Keep moving and try to avoid being hit by his jumps. Once he loses his armor, pay attention to the turrets and destroy as soon as possible as they heal him. I used the Bear Trooper com to keep the IB on the field.

Did exactly this just now: level 69 Moze with mostly level 67 gear (Hellfire & Hornet are OP!) against level 70 Joey; 5 minutes, but could have been faster if I’d jumped out of IB sooner and used the Hellwalker. You can tell when he’s summoning the adds once his armour bar is gone, because he does a bit of a move and unleashes a small purple nova effect. That round felt more like I remember from playing previously at level 53/55/57 or whatever it was.

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the way i had my FL4K build, it was taking a little long to take him down. But he was taking a lot of constant damage from fire, radiation, shock. Just a lot of elements. Recently added the Messy Breakup shield which adds a corossive ball and extra radiation damage upon action skill end. And because they target the brobot, he is constantly adding more orbs that are just shooting like mad. So basically, Joey died much quicker this time.

only thing about the shield is that the orbs sometimes disappear. so have to remove and add it again.

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OK- I now have the Cartel event active, talked to Maurice and went to Konrad’s Hold (my usual spot for this) to collect the decoder rings. Have been thru the map twice and not a single decoder ring has dropped yet. Deactivated and then reelected the Cartel event- still have the message to collect decoder rings. Will try activating another event then switch back to the Cartel to see if that helps.

I think you’re better off just going to a different area, try ascension bluff

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Had the same problem with Konrad’s Hold, which surprised me.

Devil’s Razor is doing it for me - FT to Rolands Rest, hang a left out of the CaR and straight to ECHO Net Hub 37. I’ve sometimes done things slightly differently and hit the small bandit camp accessible from the top of Rolands Rest (where one of the assassination targets is) then dropped down. Worst case, I can go to one of the other camps after those two, but I rarely have to do that.

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I just encountered immortal Tyrone Smallums. I got him to 1 HP and he wouldn’t die, quit to Main Menu 3x but same thing happened over and over. There is definitely some kind of bug.

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if this is bug i doubt they fix it now as they focused to much on next “meh BL game” as this game is now done and dusted for as dont see them fixing this issue/bug unless they add more new content (which be actual decent content for season pass 2, as season pass 2 mostly sucks i think)