Guys this cannot be normal

it happens nearly 100% of the time he spawns in. it is a bug and it’s a near certainty GB won’t fix it. I don’t really expect them to ever fix 99% of the remaining bugs in the game. They just don’t care.

As to Smallums–I think the only way for it to work is to slowly take down his health so he goes from a small stage to a big stage to a small stage again like fish slap does.

the annoying thing, at least for me so far, is he has a 90+% spawn rate. Out of 50 or so tries (which includes multiple save/quits to try and get rid of him) he’s been in all but two or three.

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That really depends on how much damage your build and gear is putting out. I’ve only had it happen once, but I’m not a min-maxer and don’t run a highly optimized build. Did the FT back to the start of the map and nailed it on the re-run.

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Running level 72 M11 Moze with various gear (all matching elements) and Cub. Four tree build, no cap, and I can take Joey out in less than 30, usually around 10 minutes. I can complete the whole Cartel run in about 30 minutes. So, based on my experience, I’m going to say that 30 minutes or more for Joey isn’t normal. Him running around with the shield is though.

Activated the Cartel Event again and this time went to Lectra City- so far have only managed to get 8 decoder rings after doing about a third of the map. I’m starting to think the drop rates for these things might be bugged.

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It’s weird, because the first time the event ran I’m pretty sure Lectra City was rich in spawns. But I had the same bad luck there as you did, and I ran most of the map (maybe all of it?)


I’ve had this Joey immunity a couple of times. What I noticed is that each time it occurred one of the underbosses went back up on the ledge in a near death state. Once it was Fish Slap and once it was Josie Byte. I just bailed out and re-ran the map. Joey is tankier than before which makes the 3 minute kill harder than I remember it being.

They are strange. In one area I can consistantly get the 30 in 2-3 runs with Moze but with FL4K it consistantly takes 5-6 runs because nothing spawns in during 2 or 3 of those.

Nice to see you back in the game :+1:


Yeah, my fastest time so far was still ~2 minutes too long. For me, the length of the fight really depends on which minibosses spawn in with Joey. Might need to do this co-op.

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I delete everything so it happens all the time. But thanks Bigredtarheel for the tip. It worked.

Yeah, I didn’t get the 3 minute challenge with Moze until the ninth or tenth fight and then just barely pulled it off. I felt like it was one of those rare moments when I did everything with precision.

Thanks. The first time I did the Cartel getting the decoder rings was not an issue. Now, I had to leave Lectra City to get a measly 6 more for a total of 14 (went to the Promethea Metroplex. Found Creature Slaughter and finally got the cheevo for doing all the Slaughter Domes). I’m starting to wonder if it might be because I did the other events before trying the Cartel for the second time. Has anyone had any issues collecting the decoder rings when they did the Cartel event multiple times in a row?

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Same problem every time. Like I said before, personally I’m getting the most success from Devil’s Razor - every other map I’ve tried to date has been sparse.

Finding the same with Bloody Harvest too - getting just enough of the green ghosts (although you only need 15 instead of 25), but the loot ghosts are rarer than hen’s teeth, and one challenge is to down 25 of those.

I haven’t done Broken Hearts too much, but I’d say it was about the same as well.


They seems to populate the timed Trials. Just when you think the area is cleared, the cartel thugs drop in…


I’ll have to give those a whirl, then. Honestly, I was avoiding them during the True Trials event. The idea of an even more bullet-spongey end boss was not appealing.


I was only able to get past them on MZero. Saw a bunch when doing the dailies as well.

Hey out of curiosity what kind of build do you use for Amara?

I like running Slaughterstar 3000 for rings. The mini bosses spawn there too, so it’s a good farm for the cartel loot as well.

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Scraptrap nest, trails, maliwan takedown, carnivora…

All are filled with cartel members for me

Scraptrap nest even spawns a lot of bosses.

Might want to check those out to see if you guys have better luck

Also played some jackpot yesterday to farm ion cannon and suddenly cartel mobs just stopped showing up (dunno what triggers this) found some on previous mentioned maps though :wink:


I didn’t have much luck with the first sdection of MTD, and it’s been so long since I went there I forget how to navigate the fights and died at the Valkyries! I’d actually been thinking of trying Guts of Carnivora, but I’ll give Carnivora a try as well.

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The first part should have a good few or at least it does for me (also it’s a fast travel so you can just teleport back in)

The trail with the tink also works great for me.

And mtd… 1 spawned on top of the wall turret and it started using it :rofl: should get a few cartel spawns before valkyries though.

But i think the trail is your best shot to farm rings (and scraptrap nest seeing how easy it is and you can reset the fight by walking out the arena and wait on the ledge)

Good luck :four_leaf_clover::wink:

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Seems fairly clear that in the first week Joey received the same health buff that the bosses in the proving grounds did. Now that the true trials events are over, Joey’s health is back to that of a normal boss. Took him out in about 10 seconds with my clone. Way better.