Guys this cannot be normal

For Amara, using Psychostabber with the Orb damage anoint works very well against most bosses (the only ones it doesnt work on are Hemo/Vermi and 2nd stage of the Vaulthalla boss but that’s where the fish slap/guardian angel/dragon jr. Combo comes in).

It helps to have a point in the Find Your Centre skill and one in the melee skill in the red tree (purple tree melee skills are nice to have but not necessary).

In addition, revolter with ASS bonus seems to pass to the Orb as well, so that gives you even more boost.

And if you can find a Breaker mod with an extra skill point for Find Your Centre and either Action Sklll Damage or Melee Damage passives (or both) that is even better.

Relic is a cherry on top. If you have all of the above you wont even need to have any melee related relics or its passives but naturally that helps too. So if you got a victory rush, a toboggan or a dragon jr. - sweet. If not, dont sweat it. You should still be able to handle the bosses with minimal trouble.

My recommendation is to have blue tree maxed out so you can trigger the Orb twice, should it be necessary.

Otherwise, hit the orb once, hit the orb twice and unless the Boss runs around like a chicken on fire, the elemental damage it does should literally melt everything near it in few seconds. A 3rd hit is sometimes needed.

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I can kill Joey pretty quickly with my Death’s Blessing/ Deathless Urad/TTB Amara build.

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He resists certain elements after prolonged damage from them during the boss fight, and is immune to damage when the initial underbosses that spawn with him when he comes down are still alive. I have had Tyrone Smallums glitch when his health bar is depleted and he doesn’t evolve to his next stage. I’ve had it happen with Hemovorous too. The same thing can probably happy to Joey. You can travel back to the fast travel and the beginning enemies will not respawn, and you can go back down and restart the fight. I had it happen a few times the other day with Smallums.


Isn’t the most plausible explanation for Joey’s sudden toughness is that his health was beefed up substantially with the latest patch? Sorry if I missed that from the 100+ posts so far.

I mean, he’s not at Seer, Psycho Reaver, or True Trial bosses level, I think, but definitely well above what he had last year.


Max level last year was lower as well. Either he got a buff to his base HP and armour, or one to his scaling. (I suppose both isn’t out of the question either!)


My best recipe to insta grill cheese him:

-Clone double barrel
-infernal wish (optional)
-aoe damage on relic and com
-Grease trap pistol

Position the clone at good distance not too close or it will be deleted by self damage.
Be sure to use the secondary fire ( grease shot) while the Clone is attacking and admire the difference , if you do it right Joey dies in seconds.


what platform you guys on? I can easily kill M10/M11 Joey on PS4.

Tried it again with Moze using cryo flipper with 125 Fire IB anoint and Joey went down fast.

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I’m on PC… He’s definitely beefed up from last year for sure. Which is a good thing.

As a side effect of his newly acquired toughness, I find that I am now more likely to just roam the Villa map killing whoever shows up, including mini bosses - what’s the point of killing Joey, given that fight takes much longer now?

He does not have any truly unique drops, AFAIK.

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i am sitting here my jaw dropping to a ground i have barely played and my oldass n2m zane deals with cartel map just as easily as anything yeah enemies have a bit more hp but it is absolutely disregardable for anyone who is doing something right.

Good question. :thinking:

@H0PE , @mbeskar Just out of curiosity, what platforms are you on? I’m on Xbox and as I’ve posted have only one toon (out of 8) that this happens with, and it consistently happens with her.

PS: Haven’t re-tried her since the new patch.