Guys, what's up with this terrible framerate?

I have tried to move from External HDD to internal but the framerate is really bad at times and lots of stuttering, Xbox One X and I just can’t play like this in either performance or resolution mode.

I’m having the same issue, tried clearing space on the hard drives and moving it to the console itself all to no avail.

Power Cycling helped somewhat for about 20 minutes max but then it came back with the freezing for up to 5 seconds when in combat every few seconds or every minute or so when out of combat. Just getting worse and more frequent the further into the story I’ve got. Up to chapter 16 and really feel like throwing in the towel with this what’s a shame as I’ve been enjoying it outside of the issues.




The weird thing is it somehow almost disappeared from the campaign but there were no specific fixes for it while others are saying it was better before the hotfixes lol shrugs

I’m not even going to try teaming up as some are reporting Xbox One X’s shutting down and some
reporting that their Xbox One is no longer turning on due to some sort of heating issue.
On PC I cant even play it man and I have very similar issues to what you’re showing here.
That’s while playing the campaign by myself and not even online,it’s crazy how many issues
this game has and the silence surrounding an official statement.

They wonder why people are walking away from gaming as a whole.

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