Gyro part 2 camera gets tilted up, can't move, die

(Techhead51) #1

Gyro part 2 camera gets tilted up, can’t move, die.
Exit the game, restart, same thing, stuck.
Win10 64 pro 1803, amd 9370 8x 4.4 ghz, gtx 960 4gb vram,
32 gb ddr3, gigabyte ga-990fxa-ud5 bios fcg, realtek hd audio (onboard chip)
dd 5.1.
Did not have this issue with the none full clip edition.
Any help, thanks.

(Is this thing on?) #2

I suggest you file an official support ticket, as this section of the forums isn’t terribly active:

(Techhead51) #3

Did the support ticket, response was an email in foreign language, did not help

(Is this thing on?) #4

That doesn’t make sense - should be in English. Let me page @Noelle_GBX or @GeekVersusNerd (GBX community staff) to check on that. Do you have something that looks like a ticket number in that email?

(GeekVersusNerd) #5

@techhead51 Not sure where you live, but it might be a region based Zendesk error. See if you have a ticket number you can send me and I’ll see about connecting you with support.

(Techhead51) #6

It was a few days ago and did not save it to another folder for retrieval, it was sent to pcf email.
Will try another support ticket in a few days.