H : 2 SNTL LOBs 1 shock,1rad, and 1 125 splash

I am looking for a DP Occultist Sntl cryo 100, cryo DP Juliet Dazzle cryo sntl 100, shock or cryo x6 Dictators, sntl cryo x2 Lyudas, DP Alchemist sntl cryo, Zane seeing red with weapon damage ,splash damage, and decent donny +4 or +3.

Add mightguyyo

Would you be interested by a x6 Kinetic Dictator with a SNTL cryo anoint ?

i see you are a man of a culture and i appreciate players like you. only the coolest OG’s use occultist

Also got a cryo dictator x6 with gamma anoint

I have an annexed kinetic layuda in sntnl

Closed at OP’s request.

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