H: 80 items (Kyb, Redistributers, S.Driver etc...) [Xbox]

LF: Lv 50 Blast Master Class mod w/
+1 Redistribution, +? P.H.P., +? Vamp
(Redistribution must have +1, P.t.H.P. & Vamp can have any combination of points)
w/ Any 3 of the Following
+25% Weapon dam., +28% Splash dam., +30% Grenade dam.,+18% Weapon Crit dam., +24% Mag size, +5 Grenade Cap., +31% SMG dam., or +31% Shotgun dam.

Lv 50 last stand victory rush
w/ Any 3 of the Following
+17% SMG dam., +17% Shotgun dam., +33% A-O-E dam., +1666 Shield Capacity, +30% Shield Recharge Rate, -30% Shield Recharge Delay,+40% Magazine Size, +21% Action Skill Cooldown Rate or +1487 Max Health

Items for trade pics here https://imgur.com/a/dlYjMAl

Msg me Xbox one Draz9 w/ trade offers plz DO NOT send party inv w/o trade offers, party inv will be IGNORED

Hey bud my gt is Ye olde wolf, I’m pretty certain I have a blast master your looking for

great ill msg you

Hey bud sorry I missed your msg yesterday on the Xbox. I will send you some blast masters after work if your still looking

I have these and I think a few others that are pretty decent