[H] A bunch of Redlines...none in SNTNL cryo<------Looking for this (*update* gottem)

3 days worth of farming Road Dog has left me with a bunch of anointed Redlines, none which which have the SNTNL cryo anoint; Post the one you want, send me a request, and i’ll send it ASAP. If anyone has a SNTNL redline (and Garcia as well!) to send i’ll greatly appreciate it.
Corrosive / 100% damage ASE X2
Rad / SNTNL fire rate and reload speed
Kinetic / 30% lifesteal
shock / 130% on digiclone swap
Kinetic / 50% rad ASE
Fire / 125% badass damage ASE
Fire / Sliding fire rate
Cryo / Status effect
Kinetic / Digiclone reload x2
Kinetic / Rakk Attack 50% crit x2
Edit: RNG had mercy on me and dropped it, now its just the Garcia i need.

I would take the Phasecast and Gunner ones off your hands. Psn: psDrEw66

If you’re giving then out I’d take the corrosive with 100% ase.
I’m sure you’re set up but if you need another weapon with sntnl like a cutsman or recursion let me know because I do not have an sntnl redline, I can ask a few friends though.

Im all set up with top gear and everything, now im just searching for niche weapons with SNTNL cryo (i.e boring gun, trybolt, sledge’s shotgun, wagon wheel, etc) ESPECIALLY the redline and garcia

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If you still have the fire 125 badass and the rakk attack I’d like those. Psn mightguyyo