[H] Anointed/grenades/mods all in post. [W] Some specific stuff, also in post

Would be willing to trade multiple items if you have something I want.

A knife drain white elephant relic and a fire melee infused white elephant. Both with mag size, action cool down rate, and either incendiary/melee/splash damage.

Also looking for a breaker mod with find your center skill and damage reduction, action cool down rate, and incendiary or hyperion weapon damage.

Psycho stabber with 100% melee damage on action end. Doesn’t have to be psycho stabber, any weapon with 120% melee baked in or a buttplug works too.

A good fl4k radiation weapon with anointed bonus 65% radiation while gamma active.

A strong anointed incendiary Recursion with phasegrasp/on action end anointment.

Mods - I pretty much have different variations of all class mods.

Fl4k: rakk commander, 2 red fangs, bounty hunter, clawing de4deye, 2 cosmic stalkers.

Zane: 3 Executors, infiltrator, shockerator, cold warrior.

Moze: 2 bloodletters, 3 blast masters. Blast master with grenade damage, grenade capacity, 4 in vampyr, 1 in redistribution.

Amara: phasezerker with 4 in anima/another with splash damage/action cooldown, breaker mod with extra melee/shotgun damage and find your center.


Cryo/shock/rad 2 split 3 mirv hex, mirvtacular shock splits into 6. Rain firestorm with 3 more grenade spawn.


Molten ferocious lyuda on action end gain 50% radiation damage.

Binary fire cutsman, 4800 dmg dot, on action end gain 50% bonus radiation.

Engulfing shredifier 250% dmg after phasecast.

Brawler ward after using phaseslam gain 200% melee damage.

Cash infused brainstormer 100% weapon damage on action end.

Cryo butcher 100% weapon damage on action end.

Fire adapting hellfire on action end gain 125% dmg to bosses/badasses/named, on action end gain 50% bonus radiation.

Fire laser sploder while auto bear active regen 8% of magazine.

Front loader after exiting iron bear gain 75% shields for a short time.

Corrosive butcher after phasecast status effect chance increased by 50%.

Q-system atlas weapon after phaseslam 300% more weapon damage.

Fire hellshock on action skill end gain 50% bonus radiation.

Rad damned while SNTNL active gain 50% bonus dmg as cryo.

Warlord on action end weapon damage increased by 100% for a short time.

Re-charger/stop gap/front loader on action skill cooldown rate increased by 20% for a short time.

Fire rowan’s call after exiting iron bear do not consume ammo for 5 seconds.

Compressing kill-o-the-wisp on action end gain 50% bonus radiation damage.


Cryo, rad, shock King/Queen’s call.

297x18 and 315x18(blue quality) bangstick.

Regular/x2/rad/fire lyudas.

Couple flakkers including burning flakker.

fire/shock/corrosive laser sploders.

rad/corrosive/cryo butcher.

cryo/shock/fire crossroads.

a few nighthawkins.

2 brainstormers.

fire/rad/shock rowan’s calls.

shock/fire cutsman.


Multiple 183% ele artifacts including deathless.

Multiple slide artifacts.

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Hi, I’m interested in Brawler Ward with Phaseslam 200% Melee

And also your recurring cyro hex

I have this really trying to get the anointed brawler ward shield

My white elephant and breaker mod are pretty much the same as those already unfortunately.

I have an anointed cryo laser sploder with 50% bonus cryo damage while sntnl is active.

I could send you a screen later when home if you want.

I’m interested in a phasezerker with skill CD mainly, maybe good recharger shield too.