H: Artifacts W: see inside

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So, Dani’s being super nice this event, huh?
There’s not a ton of things I’m still looking for, but I still need a cryo recurring hex. I don’t have a King’s/Queen’s call or Rowan’s at all, so most any of those. The top of my wishlist is an anointed cryo lucian’s, for Fl4k or neutral.
Otherwise, make offers.

i have shock rowan’s call but not interested in artifacts…Lf anointed Crossroads all elements and Lasersploders corrosive only

I’ve got an anointed kings call if you want it?

Interested in that radiation stone static charge artifact

Interested in Ice Breaker Victory Rush with Movement speed

Sure thing, just add me on epic

Sure, I’d like that corrosive call.

I dont have an anointed crossroads nor a corrisve 'sploder, but I’ll keep an eye out.

Hioya im interested in the knife drain pretty sure i have a cryo re-occuring hex

Sure, np. Just add me on Epic

I am interested in Ice Breaker Commander Planetoid. I have a Rowans Call I’m willing to trade for it

Still having one of those ice breaker victories? Can offer rowans call shock/radio

Sure, I’d take the shock rowan’s for it, just traded the other one for the rad version

still have the ice breaker commander planetoid?

can offer the items in this thread:

Is there anything you still need?
I’m interested in that Electric Slide Pull out Method

very interested for that ice breaker victory rush, need something particular?

Hey man is the Snowdrift deathless still available? I have an annointed shock Rowans Call, a bunch of annointed Lyudas, and a normal cryo lucians call available. I have a bunch of other stuff to if you’re interested in something else.