H:Bounty Hunter mod, many other groll things. W: Moze stuff details inside

Found this guy today… Plus over 200 annointed guns, grenades, shields, relics, class mods. Mostly for Moze, but quite a few for Fl4k and Zane. Just ask, I probably have it, or something close!


-Bloodletter +splash damage, +weapon damage, +magazine size, +grenade damage.

-The Duc +100% damage on ASE/+120 splash damage for 18 seconds after EIB. 1.5x zoom.

-Cloning Maddening Tracker +25% damage after thrown grenade

-Shredded Protuberance, incendiary or shock. +120 splash damage after EIB.

-Any element Vladof Strack, micro missiles salvo, +120 splash damage after EIB

-Triple Penetrating Bangstick/Kielbasa slugx3 +120% splash damage after EIB

I have the Bloodletter you are looking for. I will trade you for the Bounty Hunter. Let me know if you are interested.

I am interested! What are the skills and everything on the bloodletter? Epic: Cat_Thulhu.

I’m at work currently, but I could be online in 7 hours, or wait until tomorrow. Or, if you trust me, I’m happy to mail it.

+5 Desperate Measures + splash damage, + weapon damage, + grenade damage

Umm mate, thats a modded class mod. Desperate measures can only go to +3 due to it being a skill with only 3 points.

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Yeah I’ll take it if it isn’t modded… Should be only +3 Desperate Measures.

Maybe you are thinking +5 Phalanx Doctrine?

It is definitely +5 Desperate Measures. I will look into this. I will not trade it if it is modded.

Hey do what you gotta do. I am online currently, feel free to add me and discuss stuff if you’d like. Epic: Cat_Thulhu

I added you but I don’t have time for a discussion right now. It turns out it is 100% modded. I can’t trade this, unfortunately. If you would like another item, please let me know.

Hey all good. I think I’m going to post again tomorrow with all the items I actually have to give it more traction. The stuff I posted is what I’m really looking for currently.