[H] Burning Flakker, Itchy Flanker, Lucians calls, laser sploder guns, more. [LF] bloodletter class mod, last stand deathless, and offers

Xbox GT is Hurtfulryan m.
Let me know what you want if nots from the above and I’ll check if I have it. Thanks!

Bloodletter and deathless I would like for them to have relevant secondary perks i.e. increased gun damage/nade damage. Increased fire damage, increased area of effect damage.

I would greatly appreciate a fire Crossroads and the fire laser sploder if they’re still available! If there’s anything you’re needing let me know and I can check as well.
GT: ICE Faux Pirate

I’ll have to check to see if I have a fire one( crossroads) I’m actually looking for a fire laser sploder

Sorry I dont have a fire crossroads…seems to be one of the 2 I am missing

I have an Arctic Reflexive Night Hawkin without any sights if you’re interested in that.

Yes that’s exactly what I’m looking for. What would you like for it?

Do you have any of these:

Incendiary Lyuda
Incendiary Cutsman
The Ogre
Rain Firestorm Grenade
Radiation Barrage
Incendiary Warlord
Corrosive Crossroads

I have corrosive crossroads and 2 anointed cutsman w/ fire. 1 cutsman increases splash damage on action skill end and the other deals more weapon damge to named enemies, badasses and boss enemies on skill end… Also have a normal one all with fire

Oof that’s tough. Which cutsman does more damage? Both annointed perks are great.

They do the same damage 1866

Okay, I’ll trade the Night Hawkin for the splash damage cutsman. My GT is Starfall Shadow.

I sent it to you via mail

Just sent you the night hawkin back

Thank you sir

And thank you too.

I have the DP Shredded Laser Sploder lv 50
dam 598
acc 73%
handling 55%
reload 2.8s
fire rate 2.89/s
mag 22

trade for the itcy flakker?

Do you have a cryo crossroads?

I have a Mirv Hex. I have multiple hexes. I’ll have to check elements, but I’m positive at least one if Mirv.

No I dont, sorry. Cryo and Fire are the 2 crossroads I dont have

looking for a cryo laser sploder do you have one?

Yes I do