H: Cryo Lucians Call with 50 bonus cryo while SNTNL is active / LF: specific gear

I have this Lucians:

I’m looking only for this specific gear:

  1. Anointed Cryo Crossroad with 50% bonus cryo damage, while SNTNL is active

  2. Anointed Cryo (non-Double Penetrating) Laser-Sploder with 50% bonus cryo damage, while SNTNL is active

  3. Fire Dictator (x6 bullets) with 50% bonus fire damage, while SNTNL is active

Hey there. I saw your post and i have to admit, i unfortunetly dont have the specific items you are asking for. but i have a very intertesting terror lucians call with life leech when SNTNL is active. maby i can interest you in a trade ?

Hey, I would like to trade it for your butcher:

I will only be online later tonight, then I could send you the lucians via mail. My nick is: F4ke.Blood
Feel free to add me.

shure. sorry i was afk for a while. my epics name is: oschal. i have sent you a friend request on epics. i will be online nearly all the time :slight_smile:

Hey I sent you the lucians via mail system. enjoy.

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