H: Face punchers (lots); W: FP 300/90

I have more face-punchers to trade.
-ASA 200%
-redundant Con hit
-cash infused con hits
-rak attack 100%
-under 50, 150% rad damage
-redundant ASE melee damage
-killing 5% weapon damage & reload speed
-barrier SEC 50%

-more in my vault

Or, if you don’t have a face puncher 300/90, I’ll take a Reflux ASA N2M or Front loader 150% rad or Stak-Bot with rad damage

Edited: 12:26 EST 14 August

Do you have any old gods w elemental ase?

I’ve got a x14 300/90, drop a friend request to lukman4068 and I’ll mail a copy. If you’ve got anything decent not on my list I’ll take a copy, otherwise no big deal

Got an x7 one

I think I have a few things. Let me double check.