[H]Itchy flakker, butchers, laser sploders, lyudas, bloodletter, mirv/ recurring hex, more [LF] Last-Ditch Bloodletter, Cutpurse Deathless, Cocky Flakker w/no zoom, DP Roisens thorns

GT is Hurtfulryan m on from 6pm EST to 11pm EST sometime a little later.

I am also looking for elemental projector, and bullet vacuum recharger, rowans call(shock/fire) anoited with weapon damage increase and queens call(rad) anoited with weapon damage increase

The Bloodletter I’m looking for would need to to have stats like AoE radius, weapon dmg, shotty dmg etc. I guess basically god roll.

Ask about anoited gear

Also up for offers.

Let me know if there is anything else you are looking for besides whats above and I will check if I have it.

I have a queens call in corrosive I’d trade for one of the flakkers.
Edit: Nevermind, you said rad, I read corrosive. Ignore me.

Lol its all good. You got anything else a moze or amara could use?

I have a bulwark shield for amara, but I’m not sure how great a model it is. I run Moze myself so I don’t have much for her to trade.

You have a DP devastator by chance?

R3f1cul Yes I do, it’s anoited as well

I have a rad call, it’s not terribly wonderful but I def have it lol

Rad queens call? Is it lvl 50? If so I’ll take it

sent you invite

I havent gotten it

invite me then GT R3f1cuL

No mic atm btw…sorry

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Thank you, very much!

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Hey man, if you are happy i’m happy lol <3

Def happy, way better than the kings call I got so it’s cool with me

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Plus seems like those devastators are a dime a dozen to me heck I leave em laying in the ground half the time

Yea it seems some people just have luck with some weapons. Like I had a good few Kings/queens for a while and I seem to get lucian calls a good bit but I never had any luck with devastators or rowans calls lol


I have Last Stand Deathless and Corrosive Lucian’s with plain iron sights (love that sh**!), looking for Corrosive Butcher, Zen Re-Charger shield, and/or an upgrade to my Bloodletter (shouldn’t be hard mine is only lvl 15 lol). Let me know, I’m sure we can work something out.

I have a corrosive butcher. The shield and class mod tho I am short on. What are the stats on the deathless?