(H) Kaosons, OPQs, Sand Hawks, Stop-Gaps and more (W) x20 Anarchy, Dastardly Clairvoyance Masher and others - list in comments

Lots of DLC and meta gear for trade, including GRoll class mods and SNTNL / Firehawk Moze goodies. Comment or DM what you have + what you want from the albums.

Weapons: https://imgur.com/gallery/sjp324q

Shields / ‘Nades: https://imgur.com/gallery/iCTXVCm

COMs: https://imgur.com/gallery/3wnsXKL

Relics: https://imgur.com/gallery/GEzinwi

M10 LF

100 ASE

  • any element Boom Sickle
  • Cryo/Rad x20 Anarchy
  • x5 NoPewPew (consec. hits OK)
  • Dastardly Clairvoyance Masher
  • any element Good Juju (300-90 OK)

Next two mags bonus element

  • x7 Reflux (Cryo or Rad)

125 Splash ASE or 300-90

  • any element Plaguebearer
  • any element Backburner
  • any element x2 Ion Cannon
  • Radiation Shrieking Devil

Bonus Elemental ASE and others

  • Cryo MIRV-Tacular Hex (bonus cryo)
  • Cryo Mitosis Hunter-Seeker (bonus cryo)
  • Fire Mitosis Hunter-Seeker (bonus fire)
  • Killswitch Shield
  • Elemental Projector Splatter Gun with shotgun damage

Thank you!

Hi there. I am interested in your Lvl 57 Rowdy Cheap Shot Seein Dead with 28 wpn dam, 11 Dahl Dam, and 35 SMG damage. Following the update about the best wpn I have to offer is a M10 Yellowcake ASA 200. Would that work or is there something else beyond your list you would consider?


I have the following
*x14 reflux ASE 100%
*Fire x20 Anarchy ASE 100%

I’m eyeing your…
*Snowdrift Ottoidol - 20% smg damage; 33% cryo efficiency; 50% mag

*Rakk Pak - 28% weapon damage; 35% shotgun dmg; 26% mag size

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Melee gear?

x14 Facepuncher with melee anoint, M10 Butt Plug (because I don’t want to restart my missions lol), Lv57 Knife Drain or Elemental Projector White Elephant, Lv57 Unleash the Dragon (melee/incendiary dam)

I have the unleash the dragon

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Will take your stabilizing stop Gap 4.3 delay with -25 delay 5% Regen
Activate break or fill.
Offer anarchy x20 fire ASE 100
PSN kenet888

i have
Reflux x14(ase100)
Plaguebearer rad shock cryo corr(300-90)

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