(H) Level 1 Stop Gap, many of them, if you need it, post a comment

Of course it’s not gonna be free, I’m willing to take offers. Mostly looking for Operative annointed Mayhem 4 weapons, like the emp 5 smg thing.


It’s not annointed but it’s level 1, also it shouldn’t have +max health or +max shield

Hi, PC or Console?

Well I mean this is the “Xbox” Trading forum

I am definitely interested, what do you need?

Gt- xCaliburxxx

I can use one, im on the look out for a terror ammo regen but one cannot be picky.

GT: THELBZ , you need anything in return?

I think i have some terror ammo regen items

Gt- vomitusvom

I am looking for a health regen blood letter

I forgot to post a comment.

Closed at OP request.