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H: list Below W: List Below

[ XB1 ] [ Have ]

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Items I Have:

Items I want:

  • :snowflake: :zap: ion cannon x2 125% splash/ bosses
  • god roll dlc class mods for all classes
  • god roll relics all types
  • purple lumps x2 any element any good anoitments(except fire and rad)
  • stagecoaches x25 any good anoitments
  • 0 m.m shield with 50% any element except radiation
  • dictators x6 125/100 ase(except rad)
  • everblasts 100/125
  • fearamongers 100/125
  • Mayhem 4 Exclusives I dont have
  • dlc weapons that I dont have with 100/125 ase
  • lifesteal anoited Weapons
  • 115% gamma brust anoited weapons
  • iron bear 160% splash anoited weapons
  • iron bear fire 2 next mags anoited weapons
  • 100% stnl anoited weapons
  • Lyudas x2 all elements 100/125 ase
  • anoited scourges

Hi, I can send you any or all of an Ion Cannon x2 Gamma burst anoint, an Ion Laser Gamma Burst anoint, and an everblast 125% splash. You have 3 R4KK P4KK class mods listed. GT= Tom dot66. Let me know. thanks Tom

U want the 3 r4kk p4kk for al u listed?

Sure, that would be great. What is your GT?

tomerbe1, are u on right now?

No, at work. I will be on-line in about 12 hours and on the weekend. No problem for me, I will email you the items tonight. If need be, I can meet you on-line Sat or Sunday. Let me know when and what time works best for you? Thanks

K my gt is tomerbe1

I was looking at your shields. Would a transformer with ASE 20% cooldown reduction and/or a transformer with After exiting Iron Bear 75 % increased shields and health for 25 seconds, help?
If so I have been looking for a transformer with ASE 50% shock for a long time. Let me know. Thanks

Just fyi - for me when I use a Gamma Burst build, the transformer with ASE 20% cooldown reduction helps keep up Gamma Burst for damage. I can be tanky via using a shocking homing Tediore shotgun.

Items sent. thx
Hi, Just following up on the R4KK P4K class mods. If it is easier, send them to me via email. I will take them on a test drive and send them back to you the next day. Let me know what is easiest for you. Thanks Tom