H: List Below W: List Below

my items:

What I want:

  • gamma burst/STNL anoited that I dont have
  • 100/125 ase weapons I dont have
  • stagecoach x25 100 ase anoited
  • 125 splash I dont have
  • IB Splash anoits I dont have
  • purple lumps x2 I dont have
  • Scourges I dont have
  • Fl4k Class mods with 5 two fang
  • Red Fang Grolls
  • seein dead Grolls
  • R4kk P4kk Grolls
  • Deadeye Grolls
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Hi Owil,
Good to see you back on-line. Have you sent the class mods from our previous trade? I checked last night and had not seen them yet. Just checking in with you. Thx

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remind me what class mod and what gt?

Hi Owil,
The 3 class mods are

R4kk P4kk Vulpine Tactical 2 Pack Tacticks/2 Grim Harvest/ 1 Head Count 25% Weapon Damage/31% Shotgun Damage/45% Dahl Critical Damage
R4kk P4kk Vulpine Tactical 2 Pack Tacticks/2 Grim Harvest/ Head Count 45% Jakobs Weapon Critical Damage/ 31% Action Skill Cooldown/ 50% Maliwan Weapon Accruacy
R4kk P4k N/A 1 Pack Tactics/ 1 Head Count/ 3 Grim Harvest 45% Jakobs Weapon Critical Damage/ 18% Damage Reduction/ 31% Sniper Rifle Damage
    Note, I can try them out and then send them back to you, if desired by you.  

GT = Tom dot66. Thanks so much.

@owil Hey bud, just wondering if you’re interested in a trade for your brainstormer with lifesteal on ase for a stagecoach with 2 mags cryo on ase.

Hey man, I’m interested in your corrosive conference call, I got a lot of items you may want

hi, I’m interested in the maggie with gamma burst roll, also looking for a brainstormer with life steal. I have a gattling gun with stnl roll, devils foursome with gamma roll, a cutsman with splash damage roll. i also have a brainstormer with 100 ase roll.

Just a reminder, I did email you 5 items of gamma burst gear and you still have not sent your items. I checked last night and you still did not send them. Please do so. thanks