(H) M10 gear in pic and link(w) m10 meta gear send offers

My m10 gear

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Take this lob fire sntl cryo lol for that new q system

Is it m10

Yes does 28k

My psn is as here

At least ur dropped on M10

Ok will send

I have a shock 200% asa cutsman? I wouldn’t mind that rad sntl sand hawk

Sorry just got that

I have a rad lob, and a o.p.q system both with the 300% damage when enemies have above 90% health

you interested in any of these they are MH10

The SNTL Maggie of my dreams ! :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sweat_smile:

Got an M10 Rad Lob with 200% Weap DMG.
Got an O.P.Q System with a slightly higher DMG roll than your current with 200% Weap DMG.
Got another O.P.Q System with the new 150% rad DMG.
Got the new Needler with the same 150% rad DMG.
Got a Hellshock with the 200% Weap DMG.
Got a Krakatoa with Action Skill Active 75% damage against badass, boss and named enemies.
Got a Storm with 200% Weap DMG.
Got a Binary x2 Devoted rad/cryo with 200% Weap DMG.

Im interested in the:

Maggie with 200% Weap DMG
Brainstormer with 200% Weap DMG
Backburner with 200% Weap DMG.
Both the Rad Sand Hawks.

Let me know if you wanna do a deal bud, feel free to add me on:


A SNTNL Fire Cutsman for your SNTNL Corrosive Cutsman?

PSN : MeganiX

I like the nade

Yea I will take the cutsman my psn is Darkarrow325

The hellshock sounds good

Ok. Ill be on in about an hour.

I am interested in your two sntnl cutsmans and the brainstormer, I have:
Rad Lob ASA 200
Kinetic Hyperfocus SNTNL
M8 Kinetic Anarchy x20 SNTNL
Corrosive Lob ASA 200

Hey we still trading?