(H) Mostly Gamma, SNTNL, and Moze gear (W) Amara/melee gear, list in comments

I have a decent amount of top tier level 53 items I’d like to trade for listed melee gear and others. Comment or DM for PSN, but please don’t offer anything not listed as I might have it already.

Pistols, SMGs, ARs: https://imgur.com/gallery/9pH5UDI

Shotties, Heavies, Snipers, Shields: https://imgur.com/gallery/NPq0oOu

‘Nades, Class Mods, Artifacts and more: https://imgur.com/gallery/G1aIDMd


Looking For:

100 / 125 ASE

  • Conference Call (Fire/Shock/Corrosive)
  • Cryo Zheitsev’s Eruption (!)*

125 Splash ASE

  • ANNEXED SCATHING (x2) Ion Cannon (Fire/Shock/Corrosive)
  • Unlimited Everblast ++ (Shock)
  • Trevonator or Shrieking Devil (Radiation)

50 Elemental ASE

  • It’s Piss (!)
  • Rad or Cryo Recurring Hex
  • LONGBOW Storm Front
  • Firestorm (any decent prefix especially DILUVIAN)


  • Elemental Projector White Elephant (!)
  • Low Level Brawler Ward (!)
  • Spiritual Driver (Melee) (!)
  • Nimbus (+5 Tempest)
  • Snowdrift Victory Rush (preferably with movement speed or mag size)

Thank you!

*(!) = Priority gear, will trade extra for this

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hey, have Elemental Projector White Elephant and lvl 1Brawler Ward (200%phaseslam) i just look at your list, give me a moment :smiley:

I will trade you an its Piss for your queens call gamma and a couple of artifacts? Snowdrift otto idol w smg damage and ice breaker otto idol

hmu tomorrow afternoon :slight_smile:

Hey, got a Snowdrift Victory Rush lvl50 with SMG DMG if you want ^^

Got Nimbus +1 Violent Tapestry / +4 Tempest (weapon dmg/hyp weapon dmg/dahl reload speed) too

What are you interested in? I’m online now

I have the snowdrift with mag size and a recurring rad hex with 25% damage when thrown

What would you want for them?

Hey man, I have a large firestorm w/ 50 shock and a rain firestorm w/ 50 rad. The lists you posted wouldn’t load, any chance you’d be willing to trade for a cryo redist w/ gamma burst?

I don’t have that one, sorry

New lists coming soon