[H] Mostly Moze, Zane, and Universal (100/125ASE) Gear [W] Shock MIRV Tediore Shotgun, Conference Calls and others - list in comments

I have a decent amount of items I’d like to trade for the listed gear. Comment or DM if interested.

Pistols & SMGs: https://imgur.com/gallery/g2ZOUnB

ARs, Shotguns, Launchers, Snipers: https://imgur.com/gallery/O0mEM5X

Shields, Grenades, COMs: https://imgur.com/gallery/2BzHrGe (some Terror gear)

Artifacts: https://imgur.com/gallery/xRXE3Jg

Thank you!

Looking for:

100 / 125 ASE

  • Conference Call
  • Shock Redistributor
  • Corrosive Lucian’s Call
  • Pestilence
  • Annexed (x2) Lyuda
  • x6 Dictator
  • AAA

125 Splash ASE

  • Annexed (x2) Ion Cannon
  • Shock Everblast ++
  • Radiation Trevonator
  • The Lob
  • Scourge

50 Elemental ASE

  • It’s Piss
  • Rad / Cryo Recurring Hex
  • Longbow Storm Front
  • Stop-Gap
  • Re-Router


  • Spiritual Driver (+3/+2)
  • Nimbus (+5 Tempest)
  • Phasezerker (+5 Anima)

Thank you!

I have a re router with 50 bonus rad if you like. Interested in thst fire stop gap with bonus fire dmg and the breath of dying splash dmg

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I have
Corrosive Lucian’s call 125 ase boss
Scourge corro, shock 125 splash damage

If you are still intereted in,I will send

Queens call corro 115 gamma burst
Breath of dying sntnl100
Recursion×2 (including shock element)100 or 125 splash damage.

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I have a cryo lob with ASE 125% splash damage and a radiation recurring hex with ASE 50% fire damage. I LF maggie SNTL Cryo damage and the seeing dead with 5 points on donnybrooks

My psn is hunk1990

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I have this in kinetic. Interested in the cryo recurring hex with 25% damage OGT anoint.

PSN: GuyIncognito84

I have a couple of these as well. Incendiary on ASE and a SNTL movement speed one, if interested in either

I have this in longbow sticky

Interested in the Rad/Cryo Kybs with 100% SNTL Cryo anoint for these, or the hex from the above post if you aren’t interested in the kinetic Scourge

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