H:RW doesnt work

classics work, but neither of the remastered do…

specs: i7-2600 3.40 GHz; 8 gig ram; 1gig video card (an overclocked Nvidia GeForce GTX 555 my system shows:Total available graphics memory 1696 MB) I have an alienware andromeda_R5 from 2012 using windows 7 home premium…

When i try to play RM1 or 2 it just goes to a black screen, no sound, then crashes to desktop like nothing happened, there is no “profile1” in homeworld RM (but there are bin files) i have loved this game since i was a kid and really really wanna play the remastered versions…can anyone please help?

i also tried "Go into your Nvidia control panel. click Manage 3D Settings. under the global tab, select the drop down box and set the card usage preferences from: Auto-Select to High Performance Nvidia card or whatever.

This will make the game use your Nvidia card instead of your integrated graphics card. Which is what HW:R is trying to do right now."

but… there is no .exe that launches the game!! just the launcher.exe… the launcher runs fine but not the game!!

Please help me!!!

I am/was having similiar startup issues…using default graphics select HW remastered, get a loading status bar screen…it sits clocking for a few seconds then crashes back to the Steam app. I have launcher.exe specified in nvidia to run my 780m, not integrated. My alien 17 rig exceeds recommended requirements. On my rig the path to the launcher is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Homeworld\HWLauncher\launcher.exe. I also gave this path full firewall access…I also shut down the firewall thinking this may have something to do with it. In the end I did get it to launch but only after reducing the graphics specs in options. Right now it works below default…2048 texture and 6/medium. Now I am not happy (pretty PO’d actually) with this as I SHOULD be able to run it much higher. Running I7-4800mq with 16gb memory. I am interested to hear from folks running default or higher graphics settings to see what HW /SW configs/settings they have .

hmmm…I had the problem of HW:RM working but the classics not even starting. I went in to the .exe files (including the ReMastered launcher .exe just to be thorough) and checking the “Disable display scaling on high DPI setting” box. This is in Properties - Compatibility. After this both Classics work fine now.

And HW:RM looks great in NVIDIA Surround - except for the camera rotation being a bit wonky and the stretched menus. I cannot run bezel correction because of chopped off menus.

i turned off firewall and still it wont work… i deleted and reinstalled it… still not working,…the only .exe is found was the launcher… how did RYLD76 have a specific launcher for the RM??? can anyone tell me where to find the file that launches Homeworld remastered? the 1st one…thats the one i really wanna play now! also is there anyway to submit a ticket here? i have the diagnostics…

also i verfied i have the most up to date driver that was updated on 2/10/15

Folks, perhaps this will help you if you have nvidia…
I went back to nvidia control panel and changed global setting to always use my 780m, previously it was “auto select”. The “program setting” for H:RW was already set to the nvidia processor.
I am now running graphics at the max where before it would crash while loading.
I’m sure someone will have a logical explanation for why nvidia appears to have used the integrated graphics from global but in the mean time “case closed” for me.
Hope it works for you.

it dopes not work for me…when i open up the nividia control panel the only thing i can find is the launcher, not the actual game…so i set the launcher to run using my card (not intergrated) and im still having the same problem my gpu: (an overclocked Nvidia GeForce GTX 555 my system shows:Total available graphics memory 1696 MB) hope sum1 can find a fix for me!! i was dead set on playing over the weekend!

i set my global settings to use my GPU (its the tab behind the one your control panel starts with) and it fixed ths issue…thank you all soo much for your support!!