[H] Several Flakkers, Lyudas, Lucian's and Rowans Calls, Loaded Dice artifacts, all Recurring Hex variants, Arctic Relentless Night Hawkin, several really good Fl4k mods [LF] Last Stand Deathless, a good Bloodletter mod, and better shield

As the title states, a lot of the weapons are annointed for Moze as well, namely the night hawkin, the lucians calls, and one of the lyudas. Potentially interested in any mods geared towards zane or amara as well. But mainly interested in the stuff to make my Moze build better.

Also willing to share stuff just to be friendly too, or even just add people that’d like to group up at some point to do some MH3 stuff.

GT is Trojhiem, just toss me a msg there if anyone has any of the stuff I’m looking for or for anything else!

Have an elemental Lyuda? And or ele projector relic?

What type is shields are u looking for

Projector, no. But lyuda, yes, i have it in incendiary, corrosive, and shock. The corrosive has an anointment for Moze as well

Basically anything with a high capacity, nothing too specific in mind tbh. Unless i become aware of one that synergizes really well of course

Do you have Transformer, Annointed: ASE +75% health and shields for short time

not sure if this is any good for you. But I’ve been dying for a recurring hex shock one for days of farming with no luck

Do you have snowdrift loaded dice ? I have a ton to trade

If you dont trade that mod, I am interested in it

have other godly nice shields

Do you have snowdrift loaded dice

Not loaded dice but this has higher luck than loaded dice

I’m in need of any lucians or Rowan’s. Have a few decent mods and such. Wanna meet up in a game?

What makes you say that it higher luck than loaded dice?

Do you have snowdrift loaded dice

Pretty sure I have a last stand deathless and a good bletter mod

I’ve got a solid transformer shield if your going that way 11k cap with 100% shock resistance. Also have a couple extra ward shields and another that converts 60%health into shields. Looking for cyro night Hawkins. Other good cyro gear for Zane.

Looking for a fire lyuda as well as burning flakker. My inventory is full as well as my safe with high end weapons, mods, shields, etc. I’ll be on later today. Tag is smittypac, thanks!

Do you have an electric recurring hex???
Or fire

I have one, i’ll trade it for a recurring radiation hex if you have it