H: skullmasher with Siren Annoitment/Old God Iron Bear

probably and iron bear too. Let me know.

Are you after a skullmasher?

YEP. Just want one decent one.

I happen to have a 10k x 5 variant with 100 Weapon ASE, would that be okay for you?

Yes! AMAZING! What do you want to trade?

Do you have a tiggs boom with 200 splash, headsplosion, or any of the guardian takedown guns?

I have a consecutive hits one if that works.

I may. Just let me look in my vault.

That one is good too. What do you want to trade?

Unless you have an absolute god roll bloodletter and ice breaker deathless I’m good. The ones I have are already excellent. If not I’ll still give it to you when on on next. Cheers.

Never heard of this bloodletting. But I will be on the look out.

I just got a few Headspolions!

Got an idea what anoints they have?

I will send pictures when I get home. I think I have a few Siren annoitments.

I got the following 3:
//// below 25%, gain 50% increased weapon damage
////After using Phasslam, melee damage increased by 200%
////After using Phascast, weapon damage increased by 200%

I don’t have a siren setup unfortunately, i can still send the skullmasher no problem.

I got quite a few more. Zane ones and a Rakk Attack. What are you looking for?

If you have one with sntnl cryo that would be swell. Other than that, im fine with the 200 splash variant i have.

I just got the Takedown RPG globe something.

No headspllion like that.

I’ve added you on psn earlier, i can talk more tomorrow over there.