[H] spooling projectile recursion x2 dmg, ASE 100%

Have recursion with x2 dmg and ASE wpn dmg increased by 100% for short time.

I need any shield or grenade with ASE 50% bonus element damage or a antifreeze.
I also have vindicator ghast call for trade


I have several grenades with element damage as well as 25% all damage done.


Psn: iron_jango if your interested to trade

I’d like the cloning hex with 50% shock damage. I won’t be in for a few hours though. I can send when I get home

Same just add me on psn and message me with the trade and I’ll mail it

Will do, thanks. Prob will be in about 2 hours. Maybe less.

Sweet, just add me and send me a message so I know what to mail you and when I get home I’ll ship it

Sent u friend request

Hey there! I have several shield and grenades with 50% ase damage, like recurring hexes, mirv-tacular hex, quasar or stormfront, also shields with the same anointment like transformers and rechargers.

If interested, my PSN is kemo_zero