[H]Spreadsheet loaded with New Weapons, Several Different Rakk Weapons, Many GOD Roll COMS, Large Selection of Grenades with Elemental Damage, and Transformers with all variations of elemental damage. [W] Details in Post

Could you check the spreadsheet to see if you are offering any of the guns i have listed. If not I will trade for them.

No unfortunately, been on the lookout for that one

I have a knife drain, elemental projector, ice breaker, and last stand otto idol that i’d be willing to trade for your Vulpine Tallying R4k P4k with +25% Weapon Damage / +45% Jakobs Weapon Critical Damage / +10% Jakobs Weapon Damage. PSN is TheNimbusKid

I’m about to do a massive update to this post, with some new stuff I am looking for. Either way I will add you and send the Mod.

Ok, i’ll send the artifacts in the mail

Awesome I’m just waiting on a few more to decide so I can make one massive mail session.

I do have the Driver you’re looking for if you still need it.

Hell yes !

Add me it’s DrChiquita on PSN
Let me know if you need something

Just sent the artifacts

Thank you. Will send back the mod soon.

Just sent you a message, I’m at work but I’ll be home tonight.

Spreadsheet Updated.

Spreadsheet Updated.

Do you need those dam ase 100% corr and cryo execute pistols it says you want them but the list says you have them Im guessing not.

S3RV-80S-EXECUTE Pistol Fire / Cryo / Corrosive / Radiation / Shock Enemies Damaged by Rakk Attack! Take 100% Increased Damage for a Short Time.

Ah ok my bad