H4N4 UVHM Buy-Sell-Trade - Daily Updates! Buy 1 get 2 free / Special Bundle Offers

##Welcome to my Buy Sell Trade shop!

So, I’m not really after loot or money, just want to do the trading challenge, therefore the prices are hopefully somewhat moderate. Most items I offer should be somewhat useful - I usually only keep items that are listed in each classes’ Top Gear list, as well as things I personally find too good to grind/shopfeed.
Since I’m rather after the challenge than after the money, here’s the deal:

###Special Offer 1:
You can choose up to any 3 items and only pay for the highest priced one, as long as we do 1 transaction per item.
Same applies for trades. You can trade me 1 item and I’ll give you 1 equal priced item from my stock plus up to 2 lower priced ones of your choice.

###Special Offer 2:
Look out for occasional greatly discounted bundles, which will be posted below the Stock list.

###Special Offer 3:
:exclamation: Marked items are 75% off as they’ll go into the grinder soon if there’s no takers.

No modded gear, no gear dropped by other players. Just chest, grinder, vendor and enemy drops. Lvl60 if not stated otherwise.

2.0mil for Legendary guns and class mods
1.5mil for Legendary grenades, shields, oz kits, purple guns and class mods
1.0mil for Purple grenades, shields, oz kits and Blue +6 classmods
0.5mil for Uniques and mission rewards - just ask, I’m not gonna list them here, I don’t have all of them, but quite a couple.
500k extra for Luneshine on guns or perfect prefix. Only applies once. If a gun has luneshine and perfect prefix, it’s still just 500k extra

50% per lvl for items below lvl 60, min price 500k

I’ll consider trading your items 1:1 ±200k according to these prices!

Attention Poorfriends: If you can’t afford some of the prices, talk to me. We can work something out.

I’ll trade for anything useful, and am happy to hear proposals.
Else, I’ll try to keep a list here with things I’m looking for.

###Items I’m looking for:
offering 4mil in cash or items
:snowflake: Barking/Gentleman’s Snider w/shield bypass or crit luneshine
:snowflake: Sledge’s Shotty w/shield bypass luneshine (Melee prefix, Jakobs or Scav grip)
:snowflake: Slising Boganella or Assssult Boganella (Melee prefix or Projectile count prefix, Jakobs or Scav grip)

###Items I’m always taking in for trading:
Any lvl 60 legendaries, according to my Price list above. Besides that, I’m always buying:

  • Lvl 30 or below :fire: Logan’s Gun, preferably Redundant prefix
  • Lvl 60 :snowflake: **Flying Frigida** and :snowflake: **Bladed Frigida**
  • Lvl 60 :snowflake: Longbow Cryo grenades and :snowflake: **Longbow Cryo Transfusion** greandes
  • to be continued as items come to my mind
    for @JonnyDeeWSC
    :boom: Hard 88 Fragnum w/shield bypass luneshine (Damage prefix)
    :boom: Hard Slapper (Damage prefix, Torgue grip)
    :boom: Double Penetrating Slapper w/shield bypass luneshine (Double projectile prefix, Torgue grip)

###Legendary weapons
:snowflake: Rightsizing Fatale w/shield bypass luneshine (Damage prefix)
:snowflake: Pacifying Pitchfork (Damage prefix)
:snowflake: Smasher’s Zim w/grenade damage luneshine (Damage prefix)
:snowflake: Two-Time Zim w/grenade damage luneshine (Double projectile prefix) :exclamation:
:zap: Hefty IVF w/grenade damage luneshine (Damage prefix)
:zap: Refill IVF w/grenade damage luneshine (Mag size prefix)
:boom: Casual Flakker w/crit luneshine (Lvl59, Pellet count prefix) Might be interesting for Nisha with Tombstone
:boom: fwap a Nukem (swap speed prefix) :exclamation:
:boom: Brisk IVF w/grenade damage luneshine (Bullet speed prefix)
Practicable Viral Marketer (Pellet count prefix)
Practicable Viral Marketer w/shield bypass luneshine (Pellet count prefix)
:fire: Victorious Berrigan (Rocket speed prefix)
:fire: Consumate Hellfire (Damage prefix)
:fire: Consumate Hellfire w/shield bypass luneshine (Damage prefix)
:no_entry_sign: Rustler’s Striker (Pellet count prefix) :exclamation:
:no_entry_sign: Straight Shootin’ Maggie (Accuracy prefix) :exclamation:
:no_entry_sign: Dastardly Maggie w/O2 consumption luneshine (Damage prefix) :exclamation:
:no_entry_sign: Flush Hammer Buster II w/shield restore luneshine (Mag size prefix) :exclamation:

###Legendary class mods
Celestial Lawbringer
Celestial Baroness x1
Celestial Doppelganger x2
Celestial Gladiator

###Legendary shields
:zap: Grounded Avalanche
:fire: Inflammable Avalanche
Prismatic Bulwark
Fabled Tortoise x2

###Legendary grenades
:zap: Longbow Storm Front x2
:zap: Homing Storm Front
:zap: Homing Quasar

###Legendary oz kits
:snowflake: Arctic Moonlight Saga Life steal in vacuum / health regen in atmosphere x2 :exclamation:x2
:snowflake: ArcticSupport Relay :exclamation:
Acidic Oxidizer Health regen in vacuum / Burn chance and fire resistance atmosphere :exclamation:
Acidic Support Relay :exclamation:
:fire: Meteoric Oxidizer Health regen in vacuum / Burn chance and fire resistance atmosphere :exclamation:
:boom: Oxidizer Health regen in vacuum / Burn chance and fire resistance atmosphere :exclamation:
:boom: 3DD1.e (lvl 59 - 750k)

###Purple weapons
:snowflake: Righteous Anarchist (Accuracy prefix)
:snowflake: Practicable Thinking w/shield bypass luneshine (Pellet count prefix)
:snowflake: Refridgerated Refracted Splitter w/shield bypass luneshine (Tediore)
:no_entry_sign: Doc’s Quad (Crit prefix)
:boom: Casual Ravager w/shield bypass luneshine (Pellet count prefix)
:boom: Casual Pounder w/shield bypass luneshine (Pellet count prefix)

###Purple class mods
Relentless Femme Fatale +5 Unrelenting, +4 Gathering Tempest, +4 Mercurial, for cookie-cutter SMG builds
CEO of all CEOs +5 Absolute Advantage, +4 Marginal Benefit, +4 Synergy, 2nd best COM for an AA free ammo build :exclamation:

###Purple shields
Inflammable Shield by Tediore. Very short recharge delay, instant recharge, fire DoT immunity. Great for Aurelia
Hippocratic Adaptive Shield (25367 Capacity, 59% resistances, 12134 health).

##Purple grenades
:snowflake: Sticky Longbow Cryo Transfusion

###Purple oz kits
:zap: Voltaic Bomber (54% grenade damage)

###Blue class mods
Foolhardy Sapper +6 Start with a Bang, +5 One Last Thing :exclamation:
Audacious Sapper +6 One Last Thing, +5 Killbot - 880% damage on 2 last shots of each mag
DeadlyFemme Fatale +6 Gathering Tempest, +5 Unrelenting, great for IVF throws, brings mag size to 90!
Relentless Femme Fatale +6 Unrelenting, +5 Gathering Tempest :exclamation:

##Bundle offers
Some items from my stock compiled into discounted bundles: here goes. Generally, you can request any loadout of 4 guns, 1 shield, 1 com, 1 grenade and 1 oz kit for 3m.

###1. The baroness Full starter kit - 3m

  • 4x :snowflake: weapons of your choice (I’d suggest a Fatale, Pitchfork, Anarchist and Thinking)
  • 1x Inflammable Shield Very short recharge delay, instant recharge, fire DoT immunity.
  • 1x Celestial Baroness com
  • 1x grenade of your choice
  • 1x oz kit of your choice

###2. The Boomtrap Full starter kit - 3m

  • 4x :boom: weapons of your choice (I suggest a Flakker, Nukem, Ravager and IVF)
  • 1x shield of your choice.
  • 1x Sapper com of your choice
  • 1x grenade of your choice
  • 1x oz kit of your choice

###3. The Athena elemantal kit - 2.5m

  • 1x :fire: Hellfire SMG
  • 1x :zap: Blackhole shock nova shield
  • 1x class mod of your choice
  • 1x :zap: grenade of your choice, I suggest a Storm Front
  • 1x oz kit of your choice. I suggest the Voltaic Bomber for Tediore chucking.


Steam ID: wintypes, Name: Ha_Na
I don’t mind temporary friendzoning or whatever that’s called.
You can also leave a message here.

##Check back later, I always have new stock!
I’ll periodically grind stuff that sits in my bank for too long, in hopes for a more interesting item, and will update this thread almost daily.

I will trade with you, for the challenge, absolutely no payment necessary, diogenes49, just send me a message on steam. or duel or kill/revive, any of those you need

VERY. Nice thread!!

Organized and very neat!

Do you remember the stats on your purple adaptive???

thanks for the offer, I’m not that desperate for the challenge, but instead rather wanna play pretend that the trading system of TPS works as intended while handing out stuff that might be useful to folks here :smiley:

Maliwan and Hyperion parts if I spotted it correctly

no problem ha_na just trying to be helpful, I do owe you big time.

Ha_Na, would you mind listing the roid bonuses on the 'roid shields? (Thumperr and Shooting Star?)

And thanks for actually trying to do some trading! :smile:

Hi, I’ve added the stats of the roid shields on the list. The damage on the big thumppr is identical to the damage of a perfect part avalanche, but the Shooting Star does have comets crash down on targets that you melee for extra explosive damage.

Also, I’ve started grinding some of the inferior items, the list has been updated accordingly.

Cool, thanks!

I’d be interested in the Grounded Shooting Star, 94% Sham, and Doc’s Coach Gun. I can give you cash for 'em, if that works. :smile: I think that’s 1.5m?

I’m JonnyD_WSC on Steam.

Thanks for the business!

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I’d like to request that Purple Adaptive, the Logan’s Gun and your 85% sham…

got some Rocket Challenges I need to do and rocket ammo is expensive!!

2 Mil in cash ok??

Steam is johnrr6

Sure thing! That logan’s gun gives you 4 ammo per shot if you stand still.

Items have been collected and steamID has been contacted :smile:

Edit: Thanks for the trade and good luck with that Challenge!

Oh look what the grinder spat out today!

List has been updated, mind the special offers. If you can’t afford some item but absolutely need it, talk to me. We can work something out.

Hey Ha_Na,

Do you happen to have a Flying Fridgia stashed somewhere? :smile:


Yep. Got one on my Athena.

If you still have a good amplify shield lying around I will pay 2M for it. Diogenes49 on steam

Hi, can I have your Coach Gun for 1,5 mil? If I understand correctly you still have one left.


Could I request your Stopping Torrent, Head’d Badaboom, and Flying Fridgia for cash?

If that works, I’ll look for you next time I’m on. :smile:

Sorry, I only had 1 coach gun, which is gone. There’s only 2 Doc’s Quads left. I’ll keep my eyes open though.

Sure thing. For some reason I can’t find your steam_id any more. I’ll be on in 4h from now and on Sunday.

I have an amp shield with a couple Maliwan parts and a 14k amp boost, if that’s good.

Oh, I’ll gladly take quad) What will be its price if I add indistinguishable projection COM?

1.5m for both, and you could also choose a third same or lower priced item for free.