Ha! Did it, breathed new life into the game

Starting over. After so much time in the game the fun was gone, no challenges.
Brand new account. :wink:



Is this how real badasses prestige?

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In the words of Torque…Maaaaaybe :smile:

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That’s dedication!

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I didn’t expect “new life” to be this literal lol. Have fun playing mutationless Ambra!


Do your badass ranks carry over? Asking for a friend

If I could keep all my gear I’d do it.

If you are a very good player, then this is your chance to amaze others on how skillful a low level player can be in pvp lol

You do not need mutations to be good as Ambra.
Our glorious priestess is strong enough as it is!

In all seriousness though, I never run any mutations on Ambra.

I am actually like a lvl 12 worthy of song on xbox

That’s true, but it helps a LOT with backing people the hell away from you and group healing. The rituals are her only good mutations imo

…Totally scratch, everything, have to buy the Season Pass again, and my cool Rath skin. :wink: