Hackers got to my magazine

A few weeks ago we had hackers get to our website.
Turns out it was actually a terrorist group.
FBI was contacted first thing.

Why must everything I do turn into some weird thing?

Terrorist groups?, damn, this is fcked up.

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we’ve been trying to tell you for years-flakkers are pure evil.

Rather the lack of Flakkers I think.

Why tell to the FBI when you can Flak them?

All Flakker jokes aside, this seems to be a thing at the moment - a certain terrorist group has a bunch of supporters who are constantly looking for sites they can hack and deface. They hit a French TV station the other week - not only did they deface the website and takeover the social media accounts, they also knocked the programming off broadcast as well.

As it turns out, some of the account passwords were (a) extremely weak (b) on post-it notes in the office © in plain view of the camera when one of the employees was interviewed and (d) subsequently broadcast in multiple venues (including the stations YouTube channel).

Hopefully the magaazine wasn’t that bad, but if it uses Wordpress there are some plugins around that have had known security holes for ages still widely used and left un-patched by lazy/ill-trained-ignorant site admins.

If you use any credentials (user name, email, password) to access the magazine that you use anywhere else at all, go change the passwords on those accounts now and, if you haven’t done so already, make sure you set up two-factor authentication on them if available.

We already changed everything, thankfully they have me a former black hat to fix these issues.

It’s strange that this stuff happens to me all the time.
They pretty much just put a much of islamic music on the site and messed it up a bit.