Hackers in games

This game really needs an anti-cheat system. I have played 4 games today, out of those 4 games. 3 had hackers, and I’m 100% positive those were aimbotters.
Maybe i do suck, but I find it hard to believe a marquis/thorn hits 100% of their shot, for the entire game (Whole 30mins).

Really want to hear what the devs has to say.

Being discussed here. Hope it helps

Yeah, exactly. Our team never got a chance to push through mid . It was ridiculous. Hackers are definitely present in every multiplayer game. Having an anti-cheat system is essential.

Agreed and hopefully will be addressed soon

Just curious, which match mode/map do you usually find this hackers? Cause I want to test… something on them.

Wow, how can you release pvp always online game without anti cheat in 2016, the mind boggles.

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Sadly that’s the state of PC gaming. The Division, Rainbow Six: Siege, Battleborn, even the beta of Overwatch was filled with hackers on the PC.

I don’t think you know how anti-cheat works. Most (legal) anti-cheat bans after reports (like VAC, which I’m quite sure Battleborn uses). Any other type of anti-cheat uses the somewhat not legal method of scanning computer processes, which is (1) somewhat not legal, (2) often has false positives, and (3) doesn’t detect all forms of cheating regardless.

Wow man, no need to act all high and mighty. This game is not using Vac I can tell you that, as for other anti cheating methods I’m pretty sure there are none, maybe they are collecting statistics, there is already a multihack available.

Yes, there’s a multipack available. Note that it had to be updated for the main game, meaning that the game actually prevented the cheats that were in beta.

Just because the cheat had to be updated it does not mean it was detected, I have never heard of anyone getting banned and there have been cheats since closed beta, they typically have to update the cheat anytime the game is patched as things like memory offsets change when the game is modified.

The fact is that anyone who wants to and has the means can cheat in this game, there is nothing stopping them, no vac no known anti cheat and no known bans.

And why do you think said memory offsets were changed? To prevent said cheats.

Lmao, the memory offsets change when the underlying code is modified during typical code edits as they are making and patching the game it has nothing to do with anti cheat, it’s very trivial for cheat makers to find the new offsets.

Typical code edits doesn’t adjust memory offsets though, unless it’s weirdly programmed. If it’s weirdly programmed, it’s likely to obfuscate the memory allocations of key variables, generally to prevent basic data manipulation/cheating.

Obfuscation is an entirely different subject your mixing topics here, but in any case that alone would be trivial to bypass, if it was that easy there would be no need for vac or easy anti cheat.

Memory offsets of a typical exe change anytime the code is modified and recompiled, I’m not sure why you are mentioning obfuscation.

I think it’s possible to attach a debugger to this game using no anti-anti debugging techniques and you will be able to modify any data that is kept client side.

Play on console instead? PC will always have cheaters and be easier to cheat on

Especially when the game makes no attempt to stop them, LOL. You think that console has no cheaters?

Oh I know it does! Most of those revolve around game glitches over actual cheats though and thankfully are not as numerous