Hackers, What is Gearbox doing?

I’ve seen an influx of aimbot aficionados recently.

It’s seriously killing my vibe, I love this game but these guys are so desperate to win and we spend so much time in que…

I mean, what’s the point? This game isn’t booming with players so I get we’re not in a position to just kick others out.
The sad part is these are players I knew, who obviously just got fed up with losing.

If they aren’t trolling around in a 5 stack, their hacking (usually both).
I report but what’s that gonna do?

No, seriously GBX, what is that going to do? Does it do anything?

This might seem like that person going “I’m done with this game” but I’m not so naive.

I love this game, it has fallen victim to many short comings most of which I can accept.

But aimbot has been a thing since beta, surely SOME resources can be sacrificed to either enforce penalty’s or prevent future infraction by implementing some kind of security?

I don’t know, I don’t make games I just play em.

But I play with massive delay, constant red ping.

The only way I’m going to beat my opponent is out thinking them, I can’t out shoot them.

Like I said, constant delay, gotta constantly anticipate peoples movements in order to even get a Toby bolt anywhere near their crit spot.

So I know when someone has turned on their aimbot.

People express themselves with the movements of their Battleborn, you can tell when suddenly their locked on and you can’t dupe them even in the slightest.

Bennys going in close so their rockets can’t miss, Orendi’s never missing a bolt, Whiskey and Marquis constantly locked on.

Perfect rate of fire, no human error whatsoever.

These aimbots don’t make them invincible just broken and I’m getting very sick of having to deal with them just because they can’t handle a bit of losing.

I don’t care about naming people, I’m happy to do so if necessary but they know full well who they are and I seem to be reporting them on a regular basis to no effect.

I’m about to hit the equilibrium, why wait so long to play if we’re just going to be moving target practice for some narcissistic f*ckbois?

These people obviously don’t care what happens to this game and they slowly infecting me to believe the same.

I’m not alone, I’m sure plenty of people have their own experiences with hackers on PC.

I’d just like to know if my patience is for nothing. Because that’s what this game has become, a test in patience.

Good luck Solus, people have been trying to diminish your light since your conception.

Turns out stars are more prone to imploding than exploding.

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Do you use the “Report Player” feature in the game when you see this happening?

Yeah, of course. I just want to know if that will actually do anything.

I’ve reported the same offenders many times.

EDIT: I’ve even got footage of some of these.
I’m not sure it’s possible but sometimes Boldur will knock someone into a wall and they’ll not get stunned.
I briefly look up the accessibility of aim bots in BB, it includes crap like wall hacks.

I don’t know exactly what codes they’re injecting but an aim bot is pretty easy to tell, specially when they do it so shamelessly.

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Pfth, aimbot ain’t nothing in this game. It’s the speedhacks and attack speed hacks that piss me off.

This just lag though, skills like to not work often

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Not saying it’s cool to hack or I see a lot but at least you can counter them in this game. Games like OW, COD, BF, or CS:GO -you blink, you die. In BB, you can still win & it’s just annoying but yea… just report them. Think I only ran into 3-5 people that I was 100% sure they were hacking during my 1k+ hrs in game. That’s not a lot


Yup, only encountered maybe 3-4 people I was certain were using either aimbots or speedhacks (that one speed+attack speed hack Attikus was hilarious), but I won every time because they always are complete garbage when it comes to gamesense.


The only hackers I’ve ever been confident of seeing hacking was a phoebe in bots battle- speed hacks.