Hacks, YAY, any way to get rid of these people?

So I keep encountering hackers playing as marquis, getting constant headshots. does this game even have an anti-cheat? Ive never heard anything in-game about cheaters and the amount of marquis hackers is insane.
Just check out this game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvup_D4Vzf8&ab_channel=ArtificialAiming

Also, http://steamcommunity.com/id/joannapewpew/
He’s hacking. I know calling out people is not good, but its too blatant. He went 18/1, only headshots in a 4 minute game.

He only had 7 hours as of the game we played so I dont think he’s had the practice for it either. Blatant smurf hacking account. Its stupid that people can get away with hacking in a 60 dollar game. If hackers like this fool was getting banned, nobody would be buying the game to hack.

Im on xbone so i wont have to worry about that cuz of the cloud. Guess console won i some aspect but enough gloatinh.

Sorry man that sucks. To be honest look loke gbx is using the same game engine from bl, it was bound to get hacked. However in the terms and agreement i believe there is something on altering data. Hopefully they get report button or something. I dont even get the point of hacking a game like bb.


Are you sure? Hacking would be very strange in a game with official servers. If his aim was unnatural (precise doesn’t mean unnatural) it was probably an aimbot, not a hack. Hacks are a VERY serious thing though. If it was a hack, I would expect a prompt answer from the dev. Bots and stuff, that starts to come out as soon as in like alpha testing stage of any game in existence, though.

“edit” - I saw the video, yup, that’s the aimbot alright:) I can’t tell if it’s a hack along with it though, as every player he marked was seen by his teammates as far as I could tell. So it might be just an aimbot and not a hakc-aimbot combo.

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Thing i find funny is even with cheats he is still missing loads of shots.

Well, most people consider script kiddies like this dude a hacker, even though it’s not a hack. But anyways, yeah, this dude is a script kiddie, and Gearbox really needs to put a report button so it’s easier to report these fools, a lot of people who are cheating aren’t getting reported because people don’t want to bother with going to the website every time…

@raizurhk - Aimbots just aim for you, it’s up to the person to decide when to take the shot. Hence why moving around unpredictably like doing zigzags or strafing, will cause him to miss more than he’s hit. You can tell this guy is not very experienced with sniping, or he’s horrible at it.

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I wasn’t aware of that, thanks. Though I think it might skew the whole perspective if something like this is promoted as hack, as hacking is several level of catastrophe above bots. I mean, I was really alarmed when I read the title, especially since this is a server-side game.

That said, yes, it seems like gearbox wasn’t even looking at any multiplayer game out there when they decided to make their own. There is literally nothing beside “mute”, if you want to block someone - you can’t, you can only do it via steam, which does nothing game-wise. There is no report button, let alone pull-down menu for report.

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I understand. Even though I know someone is obviously using a script, I call them a hacker because most people have no idea what scripts mean online. However, I have seen actual hacks in the game, I’ve seen someone who can literally cross from one end of the map to the other in about 2 seconds without teleporting; I’ve seen someone playing Rath using his ult multiple times in a row with no cooldown; I’ve been shot and killed THROUGH walls (not head glitch) with characters other than Toby and Marquis using his ult at level 10 (if he chose that Helix).

It’s the same engine that Borderlands 2 used, and that game has already been cracked by the hackers. There was even reports of these hacks in beta (though I know a lot of people claimed no one was hacking because… they said so). However, I’ve seen a major decrease in hacking since release day, but that doesn’t mean Gearbox is banning them. It could mean that they are playing smarter.

Which is why I report anyone who seems suspicious.

How do you report them? Via Steam? The game doesn’t have anything but “mute”.

You have to come here:


The strangest thing is, they don’t even have an option for cheating… it’s not hard to add in a new option for it. To make it worst, you basically have to record every game you play and send it off to them…

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Wow, that’s an elaborate format if I ever saw one:)

And you say they don’t check in the database, but I have to provide what is basically a “visual proof”? That’s not going to fly, especially if I’m wrong about someone lol.

Yeah, I believe so, because this is what they posted on the Steam discussion board:

“Reporting potential cheaters
If you encounter a player you believe to be a hacker within your Evolve experience we recommend you take screenshots or record video footage. Once you’ve done that, please submit a support request with as many details as possible in regard to that incident. You’ll be able to attach this media content as well.”

Basically copy and pasted from the Evolve thread, but that’s what it sounds like to me.