Had a charecter idea. :)

Name: Warren
Class: Expert
Action Skills: Dispatch/Arctic Flash/Hidden Chamber
Group Affiliation: Vault Hunter
Background: Warren was born into darkness where his whole family was killed before his eyes, he seeks revenge on all in his way.
Echo Net: Warren’s Dad: Get your sister and get out now, protect her with your life… Screaming in the background [Ends]. Warren: “I failed you, and I can’t make it up to you…”

-{SHARPNESS}- Green Tree
Action skill-
DISPATCH- Hold Down (Action skill button) to Charge [DISPATCH] Allowing you to Dash Forward 8 Meters pushing and dealing massive melee damage to all enemies in your path, The Longer you Hold Down, The Greater The Damage you deal. However the cooldown will also increase.
-3 seconds to fully charge
-up to 800% melee damage
-15 up to 50 Second Cooldown
(Here’s my real weapon!)

Tier 1 skills

ACCELERENT (1/5)- Increases movement speed
-2% Movement speed per level

SHARP BLADE (1/5)- Increases your base melee damage
-50% melee damage per level

Tier 2

ALLEGIANCE (1/5)- Any time you or a teammate takes damage you get a stack of Allegiance, increasing you and your teammates gun and melee Damage. This skill does not stack if another member has allegiance. Stacks are quickly Lost.
-Melee Damage: 5% per level/per stack
-Gun Damage: 0.5% per level/per stack
-Team Melee Damage: 0.5% per level/per stack
-Team Gun Damage: 0.25% per level/per stack
-Max Stacks: 10

INFUSE ENERGY (1/5)- You And Your teammates gain Increased Action skill cooldown rates for every 8 enemies you kill.
-Action Skill Cooldown Rate: -0.4 seconds per level
-Enemies needed to activate -1 per level

Tier 3

Action skill alteration- WINTERS BLADE
When Dispatch is activated, you now deal cryo damage to everything in your path and around you. Dispatch will now also deal Additional cryo damage depending on how many frigid stacks you have.
-Freeze Radius: 3 meters around
-Melee Damage As Cryo Damage: +1% Per frigid Stack
(You Should’ve Wore A sweater!)

Action skill alteration-POWER CHARGER
Action Skill Alteration: Dispatch instead charges your weapon in your hands with the attack bonus for 1 shot. shotguns get the full bonus, all other weapons only get half the bonus.
Up to 1000% Gun Damage
(I’m a One Shot Wonder!)

INSURGENCE (1/1)- You Can now use Dispatch skills in fight for your life with an up to an additional 500% Damage, However Your Fight for your life-time is shortened
-Fight For Your Life Time: -33%
(Not without a fight!)

Tier 4

BLOOD FILLED BLADES (1/5)-Kill Skill. Killing an enemy with a melee attack regenerates health for a short time.
-+1.5% Health regen per level

EMPTY SOUL (1/1)- When your shield is depleted you gain Massive melee damage, Additionally it is doubled when your health is below 50%
-+500% melee damage when shields are down
(I’ll show you pain!)

SACRIFICE (1/5)- When You Have A gun With an empty clip in your hands or are unarmed, your teammates gain extra Gun damage and you gain increased melee damage. This skill does not stack with teammates.
-+4% Team Gun Damage per level
-+20% Melee Damage per level

Tier 5

SAVIOR (1/5)- Enemies Who are targeting allies take additional damage from you
-+2.5% Gun Damage per level
-+5% Melee damage per level

SWIFTNESS (1/5)- when a friend falls into fight for your life or u just recovered from fight for your life, you gain increased movement speed for a few seconds
-+3% Movement speed

Tier 6

FURTHERMORE (1/1)- When You Perform your action skills and continue to hold down (Action skill button) you will charge another action skill attack. This can be done 2 times before cooldown Begins. Adds time to Cooldowns.
-+10 Seconds of cooldown per additional use
(I’ll Take You All With Me!)

-{HAILSTONE}-Blue Tree
Action skill-
ARCTIC FLASH- When activated, you freeze and damage the area around you dealing cryo damage. All enemies caught in the area have a chance to be instantly frozen. This will also leave the area chilled for a short time. while the area is chilled your movement speed is increased and the damage you deal with cryo is also increased.
-8 meter radius
-8 second duration
-50% Freeze chance
-+15% Movement speed
-+20% Cryo damage
-40 second cooldown

Tier 1

FREEZING SHOTS (1/4)- Adds Cryo Damage To all shots fired, The additional cryo damage is based on the damage of the weapon you are firing.
-Deal 2.5% as additional cryo damage

FRIGID (1/1)- Dealing Cryo Damage adds stacks of frigid. you gain increased cryo damage for all stacks of frigid and increased chance to freeze. Stacks begin to decay after a short time of not dealing damage.
-Cryo damage: +0.1% per stack
-Freeze chance: +0.1% per stack
-Max stacks: 500
-(Who’s touching my thermostat?)


CLEAR ICE (1/1)- All Bullets that hit frozen enemies have a chance to ricochet towards other enemies
-Ricochet chance: 20%

ICE PATCH (1/5)- When a frozen enemy is shattered you hea for a percent of your health.
-Health Regen: 1% of max health

HIGH VELOCITY (1/1)- All bullets that Ricochet from Clear ice deal bonus Explosive Damage
-Explosive Damage: 30%
(Ting ting!)

Tier 3

Action skill Alteration-SHATTERED ICE
Arctic flash will no longer leave a chilled spot but now will cause affected enemies to bleed for a percent of your melee damage. While enemies are affected by bleed, they take extra cryo and melee damage. Bleed effects can stack.
8 second bleed duration
-10% bleed damage from melee damage
-+20% cryo damage
-+250% melee damage

Action skill alteration-FROZEN BARREL
When Arctic flash is activated, it now causes your guns to do bonus cryo damage based on gun damage and chill enemies for a short time. Chilled enemies will leave chilled trails that deal cryo damage based on your weapon damage and slow enemies. These bonuses stack with each use.
-8 Second duration
-100% Bonus cryo damage per use
-15% chilled trail damage per second
-15% enemy movement speed

FROST GLAZE (1/5)- Adds A singularity and frost nova to your grenades with a chance to freeze enemies. Adds 2 seconds to Fuse time. Nova Damage and freeze chance is Based on how many frigid stacks you have
-Freeze chance per stack: +0.04%
-+2 second fuse time
-Nova Damage per stack: +0.04% of Grenade damage

CRYO CHARGE (1/1)- Kill skill: When you kill an enemy you deal constant cryo damage to nearby enemies with a chance to freeze for a few seconds. Damage is based on how much health you have. The lower your health the more damage you deal. The chance to freeze is based on how many frigid stacks you have.
-Chance to freeze: +0.04% Per stack
(Cold shoulder?)

STONE COLD HEART (1/5)- You convert your shields strength into health and gain fire resistance
-10% Shield conversion per level
-15% Fire resistance per level

Tier 4

GLACIER (1/5)- Increases the number of ticks that are applied per status effect. Additionally the maximum Frigid Stacks you can have is increased
-0.2 elemental ticks per level
-+60 Frigid stacks per level

ICICLE SHARD (1/1)- Melee Override: Press (RS) To create an icicle shard that fires at an enemy and explodes dealing your melee and additional cryo damage to all near it. Damage and chance to freeze are based on how many frigid stacks you have
-Additional Cryo Damage: +0.5% Per stack
-Freeze Chance: +0.1% Per stack
-Cooldown: 15 Seconds
(My cold dead heart.)

ICE-CLAD (1/5)- You Gain Cryo Spikes To Your Shield And You Emit a Cryo Nova When Your Shield Is Depleted. The Cryo Damage Is based on the skills level
-Cryo Damage: Level 1

Tier 5

WHITE BLADE (1/5)- Your Melee Attacks Now deal extra cryo damage and have a chance to freeze based on your frigid stacks
-Melee damage as cryo: +0.1% per stack
-Chance to freeze: +0.1% per stack

Tier 6

WINTER WONDERLAND (1/1) All enemies in your view are slowed and gain an increased chance to become frozen
-20% enemy movement speed
+50% chance to freeze
(Don’t even blink. Blink and you’re dead!)


When activated your next shot will completely empty your magazine. Your next shot will also have increased accuracy. If you kill an enemy with this shot you are refunded half your magazine. Additionally When this skill is on cooldown you gain bonus gun damage.
-100% Empty magazine
-+20% gun damage
-15 second cooldown

Tier 1

FLAK JACKET (1/5)- Reduces all damage taken
+4% damage reduction per level

FULL OF LEAD (1/5)- You gain ammo regeneration for the gun in your hands. Does not work with rocket ammo.
+0.4 Ammo regen a second

Tier 2

BULLDOZE (1/5)- You Regenerate Health Constantly
-+0.4% Health Regen a sec

BUCKSHOT (1/5)- Increases all damage dealt with shotguns
-Shotgun damage: +6%

OVER CHARGE (1/5)- Kill Skill. Killing an enemy decreases your shields recharge delay and increases shield recharge rate for a few seconds.
-Recharge Delay: -10%
-Recharge Rate: +10%

Tier 3

Action skill alteration-EMPTY HANDS
If Hidden chamber is activated and you have an empty gun or are unarmed, you will instead gain boosted stats for a short time increasing movement speed, melee damage, damage reduction, and health regen. This skill lasts a short time and can stack melee damage per use.
-+15% Movement speed
-+100% melee damage per use
-+30% damage reduction
-+10% health regen a second
-8 second duration

Action skill alteration-CONVERTED CLIP
When Hidden chamber is activated, it will instead convert all damage done into cryo damage for a short time. This effect stacks per use. Additionally If you kill an enemy while Converted clip is active, you will no longer gain half your magazine back but will be granted bonus cryo damage, Reload speed, and movement speed. These effects stack with each kill.
-6 second duration per use
-50% converted damage per use/per kill
-+50% cryo damage per use/per kill
-+20% reload speed per use/per kill
-+10% movement speed per use/ per kill

FAST GUNNER (1/1)- Well Your Action skill is on cooldown you Gain increased fire rate and reload speed.
-Fire rate: +45%
-Reload Speed: +45%
(Patience, i’ll show you.)

Tier 4

STOCK UP (1/5)- Increases the ammo you can carry for all gun types
-Pistols: 5%
-SMGs: 5%
-Shotguns: 10%
-Assault Rifles: 5%
-Snipers: 5%
-Rocket Launchers: 5%

NO LOAD (1/5)- Increases Magazine Size With All Gun types
-Pistol Mag size: +1
-SMGs: +1
-Shotguns: +2
-Assault Rifles: +1
-Snipers: +1
-Rocket Launchers: +1

Tier 5

HYPERCRITICAL (1/5)- Increases critical hit damage with Shotguns
-+10% Critical Damage

PREFERENCE (1/1)- Holding a certain weapon type will gain you stacks of preference increasing gun damage, reload speed, accuracy, Fire Rate, Critical hit damage and Gives a chance to fire without consuming ammo depending on the type of weapon. All stacks are lost upon switching gun type.
-Shotguns gain Damage: +1% per stack
-Assault rifles Gain Reload Speed: +1% per stack
-Pistols gain Accuracy: +1% per stack
-Smgs gain Fire Rate: +1% per stack
-Snipers gain Critical Damage: +1% per stack
-All gain Magazine Size: +1% per stack
-All gain Chance to not consume ammo: +1% per stack
-Max Stacks: 20
(I like this one!)

PUMPING IRON (1/5)- Increases your fire rate and recoil reduction with shotguns
-Fire Rate: +5%
-Recoil Reduction: +10%

Tier 6

NOT DONE (1/1)- When you empty your magazine there is a chance you will automatically refill it.
-+50% to auto refill ammo
(I can’t be…)

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