Had crazy movement speed and now it's gone

I had something equipped, I think, that gave me crazy movement speed when I got kills and now it’s gone. I don’t know what happened because the only thing I changed was my grenade and I have switched back and that didn’t do anything. Whatever was causing it would create a red hue around the edges of the screen when it was active. Does anyone have a clue what happened?

Don’t know about the red hue but could it have been the Mayhem modifier Speed Demon? It functions the way you describe and with last week’s all easy modifiers there was a good chance you had it going and since had it deactivated with the new event.


Speed Demon modifier

Yep, speed demon. That red hue is the kill indicator when it’s activated.


Easy Mayhem Modifier called Speed Demon.
Sounds like you need to re-roll to get it back.

Ok that makes sense, I was super confused about what happened. Thank you.

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