Had some fun with the DLC last night

First off, I started the Torgue campaign to get Pete unlocked, and the first batch of skags you see upon entering: Tubby skag…I did not know they could be in the DLC, but he was there, and he dropped me a cracked sash. I dunno if they changed this or what, but sweet. Fast forward a little bit, get to Moxxi’s bar: explosive nasty surprise in the ammo machine. 2nd legendary I’ve seen in BL2 vendors. Double sweet.

Next, I switch over to Maya to farm a shock CC from the Handsome Sorcerer, drop in Gaige on the 2p for money and eridiums. He dropped something almost everytime: I got 2 impalers, a volcano, flakker, a bee shield?!, the handsome head for Maya. I think only one or two times did he not drop a legendary. (but no CC damnit)

Edit: Wow, maybe they just changed it, maybe I’m stupid lucky, but he spawned again and I was able to take pics.