Had the weirdest glitch at the Takedown

So me and my buddy are minding our own business killing wanna-be transformer villian Wotan when Lorelei refuses to acknowledge that we killed the poor dude.

So we’re all like, “screw it. I guess we’ll run it again” and we suicide ourselves back to the Valks.

Half way thru the run, my stupid ass goes and kills himself on a hackhound.

Anyway, here I am observing my buddy now, who got bored freezing things:

Wait a sec!

Check again. You saw that right… She flies back to sanctuary with me in her pocket as an observer and it just stays that way.

So we couldn’t go anywhere after that, and she just quits out. This leaves me alone to watch sanctuary citizens for all eternity and idk what the hell…?

Anyway, this is mayhem 2.0 I think