Had to reformat to factory specs - Question

I REALLY hate having to ask this since i have never made a post in the new forums. I just recently accomplished 2 major milestones.

  1. I finally broke 264,000 BAR and got 25% in all 14 categories.

  2. Less than 2 weeks after hitting this my computer got scrambled so badly i could not fix it and had to respec to factory settings.

Question - Is my BAR now going to be zero again ?

Please, please, please tell me it will still be there. I spent the last 2 years getting that to 264,000.

This is the first time since doing all this reset business i actually have a hole in my stomach over possibly losing something.

I know if that is the case i cannot fix it, but dammit i at least wanted to get a screen shot and put it up here first…le sigh.

Steam?, Your BAR is kept in the cloud.

When I moved from my laptop to my desktop, all was synchronized. Both chars and BAR.

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Oh thank god, as wussy as this is going to sound i literally just teared up a bit at reading that…THANK YOU!
2 years of work gone would have been unbearable to go back and try to play any…ty ty ty ty

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Good looting bro :slight_smile:

As a suggestion, backup your game files from the following folder:

C:/Users/[your username here]/My Documents/My Games/Borderlands 2/Willowgame/savedata

There is a folder with a numeric name where will be the files of the BAR and the savegames.

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