Had to stop playing Whiskey Foxtrot because of finger pain

First post here and I thought Id just give my thoughts on the character. I would agree that he needs a buff because his kit is very underwhelming right now. Burst fire is very unreliable in a game where everyone moves so fast and the sticky bomb and shotgun blast barely make dents in people. Just as importantly, CONSTANTLY clicking the trigger button for each and every burst gave me pain by the end of the match. Quality of life enhancements like needing to hold the trigger down only once for the burst to keep firing would go a long way.


You would not like Jakobs guns in borderlands 2 and tps then ;). I did many playthroughs with all jakobs where you need to click for every shot.

Or Nisha in TPS, for that matter…

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Yeah, that’s kinda strange that even melee classes use hold-to-combo mechanics (it’s really unusual, most games require you to click the hell out), but Whiskey is sole Battleborn with click mechanics. The only problem for me is burst shot. I hate burst shot weapons. DAHL was my least favorite manufacturer in Borderlands 2.


Toby is kind of like that with his shots i.e. hold to charge and release to shoot per charge

Thorn makes you click for every bow shot

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On ps4, using a controller I master ranked Foxtrot first, my hands hurt for a few days after. I don’t mind the burst fire usually but when you’re just shooting minions who don’t move around much why can’t I hold down the button? While not great for fighting other battleborn that move around, this QoL change would help immeasurably and might entice more players to try him out.

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Thorn and Toby are heavy-hitting single shot characters (plus they can charge their shots). Naturally, they have this mechanic. Whiskey rely more on focused bullet spray.

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Most Scout and Pulse rifles on Destiny make you tap each time to shoot…

One of the memorable parts of Shoot Many Robots for me was the semi-auto guns Walter could find in it. They usually had some 4th wall-breaking joke in their flavor text about spamming clicks.

All my favorite weapons in the Borderlands Series were Jakobs.

Edit: I just remembered the Artificers in DDO are like this as well. Or they used to be. Many months ago the mechanics of the Repeating Crossbows in D&D Online made them fire like Semi Automatic rifles (they updated the animations and made it smoother). They even fired in bursts of 3, and the Battle Engineer prestige could even temporarily cause it to fire fully-automatically just like Whiskey. And with this realization I love Whiskey even more. He is the FPS version of my exact D&D O Arti DPS build. Complete with fire grenades. All he needs is a mechanical dog.

Same. I wish they had a system of holding to fire, where it just accounts fo the gaps between bursts and will keep firing when it can. I like him, but I cilcked more in one match playing him than I think I did in my entire history of Diablo II. :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely a great character, and with fun abilities, but so… much… clicking…

If you want full auto yet again there is Oscar Mike for a reason, removing the need to pull for every burst would yet again simply make Whiskey’s rifle into a broken firerate version of Oscar Mike and with high enough Attack Speed even the slight delay that would occur would get blurred making it into Oscar Mike’s rifle so just play Oscar Mike. If you finger hurts after playing Whiskey he’s not for you, if you only had one hand you’d not expect the game to be tailored to your handicap it’s the same sort of thing especially when there is a similar character with the fire mode you’re asking for.

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Except your post misses the point that was made. Furthermore, even by adding the ability to do more than one burst by holding a click, you’re hardly turning him into Oscar Mike. That’s silly. If you’re really worried, make it so that holding the button can only do up to five bursts.

The problem here is that those of us with problems like arthritis or motor control difficulties can find Whiskey Foxtrot difficult to play because of his ridiculous click budget. I’m just not a fan of that, and I think it belongs more in a Diablo game or a low TTK twitch shooter.

There’d be absolutely no harm in letting his gun chain up to, say, five rounds by holding the button. It would alleviate the constant clicking.

Ultimately, if Benedict can hold instead of click for a rocket launcher, why does Whiskey need clicks for every burst? It’s a bizarre design choice when you think about it.

Holding the trigger button for continuous burst fire would be a good solution. It doesn’t make Whiskey Foxtrot into Oscar Mike with a slower fire rate. Fire rate is a continuous rate of fire, whilst burst fire is, as it says, bursts of shooting. They are completely different.

Altering this mechanic would make this character more accessible to everyone but especially those with any physical issues as has already been mentioned. This can only be a positive thing, especially when another recently launched hero game has praised for its accessibility options.

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Mmm… I love how the only counter argument seems to be “Screw you if you have a health problem and/or disability. Go play someone else. Adding an option that I wouldn’t have to use will ruin the character completely” LOL

There are mice with a turbo button function? You could map his primary to more than one button?
We still could get a QoL option in the options which would replace these with some sort of auto fire. Y’know, hold button down, burst, pause, burst, yes? Exactly like it works with the melee characters.

Playing as Whiskey gives me unfond nostalgia of the Mattock in Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer, where to be useful with it you had to click like you’re playing Cookie Clicker on Nightmare difficulty.

You’re making an assumption that all users with accessibility issues are on PC. There are consoles too, where this isn’t an option, you have the standard controller and that’s it.

Indeed melee characters you can simply hold down the trigger for them to continually melee (but effectively with automatic pauses between each melee swing), you don’t have to repeatedly press the button. The same could be done for burst fire.

On console rapid clickery is never a problem. Unlike PC, which is why I assumed it’s an issue worth starting a thread over.
Turbofire gamepads have existed since the 1980s.

[quote=“ataehone, post:19, topic:1406028”]On console rapid clickery is never a problem.
I disagree, as do others (at least one person that commented in this thread is playing on a console).

Those controllers are not so easy to come by in all countries, plus it’s an additional cost for just one character when it would be relatively easy to add an option for this into the game itself. Not everyone can afford to buy more controllers and I doubt that disability benefits will pay for one.

I seem to recall the devs mentioning somewhere that it was something that they were talking about.

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Apologies for the generalization. On controllers, which are the main control scheme on consoles, rapid clickery has never been a problem for me, despite being a problem on PC and me having the finger durability of a 60-year-old smoker.
That said, many games rely on button mashing, so you would be getting something for use in any game (also, sorta off-brand controllers like the Speedlink Xeox, which is what I use, are available for PC, PS and XB, are shaped like an X360 controller, and have turbo for any button, aren’t prohibitively expensive).

As I mentioned earlier, this doesn’t negate the need to change how the game works, just offers a way to work around the issue.