Had to uninstall

Sad day. I have kept bborn on my ps4 and pc since release day. got the damn season passes. Blind purchases. I played until literally nonstop premades chased me away. Took a few weeks.

Then I would check in periodically, read the battle plans for SOMETHING that would change the QoL in this game. But no substantive changes have happened. The matchmaking was tweaked but not really changed. Giant percentages of the playerbase quit on a monthly basis. Can’t grind the cool skins. Gotta pay real money.

Logged in again this week on both pc and ps4 and the q times were redonk and ended up with a premade vs pug. Landslides and peeps on the pug bailed super early regardless.

I just have to give up on this game until they allow challenges and trophies via bot/private matches. It is just a time sink for this stuff. Trying to get that stuff done with no friends playing and nobody online makes it a horrible burnout grind.

Game went under $10 and made only a brief difference. Now I got my worthless season pass content coming for prolly another 6-9 months. Was seriously the worst purchasing decision of my entire life.

This has really broken my trust in Gbox entirely. I can’t buy a Gbox season pass for any of their games ever again without waiting to see how the game does for a few months. I can’t even buy their games on release anymore without waiting to see how the game does for a few months. Just have to bunch gbox games into the ‘wait until $20 or less’ bargain bin.

Even bought this game and the season pass for a friend, who obviously never plays now. There isn’t a single thing in the season pass that will change the core issues with the game. The reasons that very few people are addicted to its progression systems or gameplay.

I will absolutely come back for more unlocks/challenges/trophies if they are added to private/bot modes. Making this game revolve around reliance on other players right now is just spitting in the face of the trusting purchasers of this game.

How does it feel as a dev when you are pushing your season pass content to the players and nobody is coming back to play it? I have tried to find EVERY excuse to love this game but it is just not working, especially against a huge field of competition from other games all competing for my free time.

This game lacks good faith from the devs. Like serving a bad dinner and saying ‘well i have hot sauce but i’m not cooking again’. Everyone paid for a bad dinner and just wants them to serve it again so it tastes good. All we are getting right now is hot sauce.


And then there’s me

Thanks Gbx for a great game! :kissing_heart:


You have my condolences. Truly

If this was the worst purchasing decision of your entire life, then either you’re very young or a very very astute buyer.


Love the game so much and will stay with it till the very end. The other game with millions of players don’t give me half the satisfaction and fun. And the battleborn friends that I made are the best. Thanks for the great game gearbox and everybody still here carrying the torch.


Stopped reading here because there’s no way you could know what the make up of either team was after the update that brought out the face off maps. The team comps and lvl are all hidden unless they are in your group. You can’t see how the other team is grouped up, and you can’t see your own team comp without being in their group. Sorry but if you’re going to make a big rant at least try to not blatently lie in it.


LOL how do you even get such a specific gif for the situation? literally drinking soda while reading the post then scroll down to almost upchuck my laptop with the entirety of my cup XD.


Honestly, I really don’t enjoy the way Randy handles this game. KU stream a lot of it seemed like a joke to him. His response to literally everything is “I’ll keep that in mind”, and it’s been that way since release when I think about it. Don’t take this the wrong way and don’t get salty for it, I love this game as much as all of you (after all I’m still here). But god damn Randy, you have to give us something. Don’t act like you don’t know. Or maybe you truly don’t, wherein lies the problem. A lot of us feel like we’re in the dark, blind faith guiding us. It doesn’t have to-and shouldn’t be- like that.

I feel the need to speak my mind lately, because it truly has been this way all year


It’s high on Jythris (creative lead I believe. First or second largest forum presence of devs, of which I’ve seen 4 or 5) priority list. Like, very high. They just needs to differentiate lore challenges as it would require a new system to keep things like Pentastrike separate, so the team is currently recoding.

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It’s not really GBX fault that Battleborn sunk so hard. Bad timing/marketing ect. The game as it stands is great. I love it. On Xbox the games seem pretty lively, but matches do seem more uneven than not (PVP). GBX did not make a low quality game. They continue to support it and put out patches and content despite them probably losing money on it. Everyone seems to think that there is some magic quick fix that will solve all the problems of people leaving. If it were that easy I think GBX would do it, ya know cuz they sunk a lot of time and money into it. I will continue to play until the game is truly dead.

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I don’t agree with this. We live in a time where the internet is, like, everything. Online gaming has been around for a long time and us console gamers are just starting to experience a small part of the world that PC gamers have been experiencing for a long time. When you have consoles as advanced as the PS4 and Xbox One, I think games that don’t have that reliance on connectivity or split-screen capability are the ones spitting at the consumers. Sure, I really don’t like that BB is online only (sucks when servers are down or you’ve just moved house and don’t have internet yet) but this game is a step in the right direction. If lore challenges could be completed in bot matches I think you’d find a lot of people grinding there instead of queuing for public matches which would hurt the playerbase even more. You can still earn XP and credits in bot matches, and you don’t have to play PvE in a group (although it helps, and again online only grr) but to say that a game that’s keeping up with the technology available is spitting in our faces, well you might feel that way but I think this would be a rather unpopular opinion. Online games are supposed to bring people together, there are plenty of solo only games out there (which I think is an insult to the capabilities we have access to today) but BB was known to be very team-oriented since before the open beta, if you’ve been playing since day one then you knew this a long time ago and you can’t blame something you knew then for ruining your gaming experience now.


@Slif_One Hoo, boy. Paragraphing please?

I agree that matchmaking does need a bit of tweaking, but I wouldn’t go so far as say it’s stopped me playing. I still play Battleborn very regularly, because it’s still fun playing it even if you lose. Usually


That was a paragraph, a long one :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll forgive it, just this once =D

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There’s a difference between having a capability of a team play and forcing players to use it to get even some basic stuff.

And again, there’s a difference between giving people means to meet each other and forcing them to befriend, organize a team and play together.

P. S. Just in case, I’ve noticed some people really don’t like that word “forcing” and try to argue with it by saying something “they don’t force you, you may not do it if you don’t like”. I’m too lazy to look for another word, I think my idea is still clear.


I’m still assuming that most of the matchmaking issues stem from the system not being able to really handle such a small playerbase.

The PvP Tutorial and Trial Mode that have been discussed are going to be vital measures that need to be well-constructed and smartly released. Unfortunately, that means that it will be some time before we hear any concrete news about either of those initiatives, as much as they’d help for community morale.

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Perhaps, but this has been known since pre-beta and it’s never really been brought up as an issue. As I said, I hate that Battleborn is online only, but for all intensive purposes I don’t see there being a problem with a game that “forces” (I can’t think of a better word either) you to socialise and play with others, that’s what this game was built around and that’s the direction many games have moved towards, yet there are still many other games that “force” you to play by yourself if that’s what you prefer. Titles mean nothing, trophies/achievements mean nothing, they do not alter the core gameplay in any way, I don’t see how or why that’s an issue. You can still play the game without them.

PUGs vs. premades is an issue being brought up regularly, for example.

Not the game, only PVP part. All PVE rewards are accessible without making a team. And since OP is waiting for unlocks in private matches, playing PVP (versus players) was not his core intention with this game.

A bit more than a bit of tweaking. Battleborn matchmaking is one of the worst I’ve ever seen, pure trash. The point is quite clear now, they either are literally not able to rework it from scratch or they moved the resources on other projects, such as bl3. Both suck.

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preconditioned necessity
Having to meet conditions to bring something into a desired state of use

desired is an important word there