Haderax's loot pool?

Does anyone have any idea what Haderax’s loot pool looks like? I ask because I beat him for the first time last night and got two Conference Calls out of it (one from the drop and one from one of the chests), which struck me as really odd. I’m sure that was just RNG being RNG, but it made me realize that I don’t actually have any idea what his pool is like or what I could expect to get from farming him. I checked the wiki, but it doesn’t have anything to say on the matter.

Looks like pretty much everything except 2nd gen pearls?

You’ll find a lot of information in this thread:

I haven’t seen a thread for Haderax specifically, but these might also be of interest:


All the world drop items.

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This seems to be a pretty accurate and concise statement. It feels to me like every time you smash Uranus the game calculates 3 to 4 LLMs worth of drops, with the exception of the Etech relics. Which is the world drop loot pool, isn’t it? Just realized this post is about Haderax. Oopsy. From what I’ve seen over I Finds of the Day it appears to be true for Haderax, with the only real difference being effervescent gear. Haderax drops the Peak Opener, Hard Carry, and Easy Mode, while Uranus only drops the Electric Chair. It might be a fair assumption that the only “assigned drops” in the new DLC are effervescent rarity. 3 of 4 new legendaries are mission rewards (the Thumpson drops from the unmarked grave), and all of the effervescent gear is tied to either a class of enemy (Infection Cleaner, Nirvana, Toothpick, Retainer) or a specific mini-boss/boss (everything else).


I think that was just RNG. In the chests a few random legendaries are guaranteed and sometimes he drops (outside of the chests) another random legendary. Could be a Hellfire or an Impaler shield, anything.

What I found the chests contain:

  • increased likelihood of a “main” legendary class mod–with “main” I mean, e.g. a Legendary Siren but not a Legendary Cat.
  • the Digistruct Peak effervescent set: high likelihood of Easy Mode shield, some likelihood of Peak Opener and Hard Carry
  • guaranteed to contain a few of the DLC’s cosmetic items (heads/skins/vehicle skins)

Among his drops are always a few random Runner/Bandit Technical skins, so if you want to find the missing ones, farming him on normal mode may be a good way to do so.

Near as I can tell they share the same loot pool, bar rainbows as you pointed out.

Interestingly, Uranus almost never drops shields (I’ve still never seen one but others say they have) and Haderax’s chests don’t yield shields (other than the Easy Mode) but he can drop them in the arena.

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I’ve killed Haderax a bajillion times by now. He drops everything but gen 2 pearls, seraphs, and Norfleet.

EDIT: He also doesn’t drop the Ogre, Hector’s Paradise, Overcompensator, Amigo Sincero, specialize Legendary class mods, Blood of Terra, Slayer of Terra, and Longbow. Basically none of the super special Legendary drops, but he will drop every other Legendary.

He does drop shields. I got an op10 Blast Proof Fabled Tortoise from him last time, and I’ve gotten Neo and I think a Sham from him once.