Hailstorm + Crit Damage Gear WRECKS In Big Head Mode!

First of all, Big Head Mode is amazing!

Really reminds me of the Big Head Mode in GoldenEye n64.

Soooo fun.

I threw together a quick Loadout of Crit Damage with a free shard gen and Montana’s now even more accurate Hailstorm TEARS BIG HEADS TO SHREDS.

Try it out!


Vigiliant power scouter
Attack damage + attack damage on crit
Attack speed



Montana has always been a critting beast with his terrible accuracy being the only thing that offsets it. This mode is gonna be amazing… When I get home. And when the update gets done. Gah.

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It ain’t an update though lol, it’s just right in the game

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Aside from an annoying bit in the boss fight, the new Op is AMAZING, best yet (go ranged, seriously!) and, especially considering I had no idea it was coming, Big Head Mode was like receiving a wonderful Christmas gift!

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With weatherman plus the accuracy mutation he has always been capable of laser beam accuracy.

Since the buff it’s only gotten better :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it was made loads more viable with the Winter Update.

Still my best friend should I encounter a particularly annoying Toby :dukecheese:

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Anyone got screenshots of this mode yet? I wanna see the big heads :frowning:

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@Ginger_greninja @nbrownlie237

Here’s a few from this afternoon:


Here’s one from @HandsomeCam of Toby… It’s astonishing.

Edit: Ninja’d by @FlamesForAll


@nbrownlie237 @Ginger_greninja

lol we simul-posted the same pic!

There’s one of Monty in my post above yours!

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LOL wtf Toby.

Montana just looks like a normal dude now haha


If I play this bizarre mode I think I will have to stack shields lol.

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I think Montana looks like Karl Marx or Fidel Castro or something with the now normal sized head!

To rip-off Saving Private Ryan:

Toby: All i’m sayin’ is, get me and this crit-built railgun within one mile of Big-Head Montana, with a clear line of sight, and pack it up, boys, wars over. Hallelujah. Amen.

Anyways, that’s what the VPS combined with the SG FELT like, haha!



Great movie, great scene, great line!

I’d rather go full metal Disney on,(look it up on YouTube for a laugh)