Hallelujah Hellwalker!

Thank You GBX for buffing the Hellwalker if FL4K could grin it would be ear to ear! So the frequent evil laugh of chaos will have to do. :partying_face: :cowboy_hat_face: :grin:


No kidding. Just got one in the shaft 16970x10. Wow.

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What’s it like to get an endgame worthy weapon in SS again?


This 100% thank you gearbox for buffing this weapon we needed a good shotgun maybe in the next buff we could get the butcher back more shotguns are always welcome the urad version of the hellwalker is great .

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Shame I sold my SNTNL Cryo Hellwalker for more bank storage a month ago …

Luckily, I had a URAD for my Moze and Flak still had a Conescutive Hits anoint in his inventory.